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At the end of year 2000, over the half of the countries in the world got commercially available internet access, a new era, The Information Era began, information is literally in our hands now, in our handhelds; Even yet, the 3000 years old bible was not updated, and just like the transition from autocracies to democracies, or the update from qwerty smartphones to big multi-touch displays, the old bible was begging for a mayor update; Here it is, introducing the brand New Bible:

• Slimmer: The thinnest bible ever! Just 140 pages, big fonts, you read it in 1 hour.
• Redesigned from zero, a totally evolutionary design, based on Reality and Rationalism.
• We got rid of all the outdated components; No more misogyny, nor homophobia, nor war bias, nor outdated philosophies, nor mythology.
• Now modern culture and modern economics-compatible

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