The PETACARE Company Announces Patent License Agreement with PETCSI



PLANO, Texas — The PETACARE Company announced today a new patent licensing agreement with PETCSI®. The PETACARE Company will have the exclusive rights to sell and distribute the proprietary technology of using pet DNA & QR Code Tags to “Match The Poop To Who Didn’t Scoop” for North America, Canada and South America. In late 2017 PETCSI® licensed its technology also to a China based private equity firm with exclusivity to China. The DNA pet waste matching technology is now being distributed in 4 different countries, 17 of the top 25 property management firms within the US and now being used within city governments abroad. The PETACARE Company will merge this biotechnology into its current Pet Wellness Plan and Centers. The PETACARE Company currently partners with developers and property management firms with suitable space from as small as 250 sq. ft. to 2,500 sq. ft. The pet concierge amenity enhances managed communities by offering pet parents an onsite Pet Wellness Center that becomes an ancillary income for pet friendly communities.

The PETACARE Company mission is to cultivate pet wellness within managed communities such as apartments, condominiums and home owner associations through its innovative Pet Management Software and Pet Wellness Centers. They pride ourselves on enhancing the relationship between pets, pet owners, property managers and pet service providers by providing comprehensive insight and innovation into pet wellness. Their Pet Management Software is the 1st of its kind assisting property manager’s with registration, identification and a customizable pet policy application. Their laboratory partners provide an in depth look into pets using DNA for forensic identification, genetic disease testing and breed analysis. Their pet concierge system offers an array of on-site pet services for pet parent’s including: Veterinary, Grooming, Pharmacy, Dog Walking and Day Care. The Pet Wellness Center can be tailored made to your location with a Grooming Station equipped with a self-wash pet system and grooming station, a veterinary station for onsite veterinarian care of all pets onsite, a pet pharmacy center for all medication and vaccination needed to keep your pets healthy and in compliance with your pet policies and so much more. The PETACARE Company also offers a pet concierge service link that will conform to your current website for pet owner residents. Pet owner’s that live in communities where PETACARE Concierge is offered may schedule services, make payments and retrieve, store and share vaccination records for pet professional’s validation.


The PETACARE Company has an extensive background in pet wellness and developed this software to assist property managers, pet owners and pet professionals with a comprehensive pet wellness plan. The software will assist with creating, learning and sharing of a pet’s wellness plan and deeper look into its digital health. The software also provides an array of affordable and convenient pet concierge services for pet owners. Pet owners love the ability to retrieve, store and share vital pet records, make and update progress reports on everything from exercise to nutrition for their pets. The PETACARE Company through its exclusive distribution deal of Mars Wisdom Panel Health & Wellness Test uses DNA in order to take an in-depth look into your pets overall health, wellness and any possible genetic diseases. This in-depth look also provides pet owners more detailed understanding of their pets over appearance and behavior. This will assist with creating and implementing the best wellness plan for preventive care of pets. The PETACARE Company is setting the standard for responsible pet ownership with the implantation of DNA identification which will help eliminate poopertrators (Pet Waste Violators) and prevent the spread of diseases within managed communities further enhancing the overall pet wellness of the community. The PETACARE Company is positioned to become a major player in both the pet and property management industries.


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