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The Power of Play: How Roblox Can Foster Philanthropy in Children


In a digital era where virtual worlds have become increasingly popular, social entrepreneur Lian Pham has introduced a groundbreaking initiative called MetaHug’s “Build A Pal” on the Roblox gaming platform. This unique project aims to encourage giving and community building, while also serving as a fundraiser for real-life programs that empower young people. By harnessing the immersive power of Roblox, Pham and the MetaHug team are demonstrating that philanthropy and acts of kindness can extend beyond the physical realm into the metaverse.

MetaHug: (Verb) [meta ˈhəg]: An unconditional, uncircumstantial kindness transferred to a STRANGER

The Concept Behind “Build A Pal”:

At the heart of MetaHug’s “Build A Pal” initiative lies the belief that everyone needs a pal and a hug, both in the virtual world and in real life. The team, consisting of individuals aged 13 to 25, has created a virtual world within Roblox where members can receive a FREE Pal, symbolizing an act of kindness and compassion. Through this interactive experience, MetaHug aims to instill the values of generosity and community engagement in children and young adults.

Encouraging Giving through the Metaverse:

Roblox, with its massive user base and expansive virtual landscapes, provides an ideal platform for fostering philanthropy and social impact among young players. By integrating a charitable component into the gameplay, “Build A Pal” empowers children to understand that giving back can be accomplished not only in the physical world but also through the metaverse. Through engaging activities and challenges within the virtual world, players can contribute to real-life fundraising efforts, particularly those aimed at supporting programs that empower young individuals.

Building a Community of Changemakers:

A central pillar of MetaHug’s initiative lies in the active involvement of its core team, comprising individuals aged 13 to 25. This diverse group of young social entrepreneurs serves as a powerful example, proving that age should not hinder anyone from making a positive impact. With the initiative now organized on Discord, boasting nearly 1500 members spanning across 34 countries, this group of young individuals is empowered to contribute their ideas, collaborate, and exercise their creativity. By cultivating a community of changemakers within Roblox, MetaHug ignites a sense of purpose in children and young adults, encouraging them to embrace their philanthropic potential and actively work towards the betterment of society.

The Benefits of the “Build A Pal” Experience:

Participating in the “Build A Pal” experience on Roblox can have several positive outcomes for children and young adults. Firstly, it cultivates empathy and compassion as players engage in acts of kindness within the virtual world. By creating and giving away Pals, participants develop an understanding of the joy that comes from helping others.


Additionally, this initiative promotes collaboration and teamwork as players work together to achieve shared goals. Through cooperative gameplay and collective efforts, children learn the value of working in harmony towards a common cause.

Furthermore, the “Build A Pal” experience nurtures digital citizenship, emphasizing responsible and positive behavior in online communities. Players learn about the importance of treating others with respect, fostering a sense of inclusivity and empathy that can transcend the virtual realm and impact their offline interactions as well.


In an era where technology is integral to children’s lives, harnessing the potential of platforms like Roblox to instill philanthropic values is a powerful endeavor. MetaHug’s “Build A Pal” initiative demonstrates that virtual experiences can serve as catalysts for promoting empathy, community engagement, and philanthropy among children and young adults. By embracing the virtual world, we can nurture the next generation of changemakers, fostering a society where acts of kindness and giving are not limited by physical boundaries but extend into the metaverse.!/about

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