The Promised Land: How Doing Your Homework In Your Wilderness Leads to Healthy, Lasting Relationships


Susan Brock’s new book chronicles her quest for answers in her life beginning at the age of twenty-four, which led her to reconnection with Jesus Christ as the answer for life’s most difficult questions. The book has been described as a beautiful and relatable account of what God can do for anyone to turn your desert into a land of fruit and honey, where, with the overflow of spiritual waters, you will never be dry again.

The Promised Land

Toplink Publishing and Amazon are pleased to announce acclaimed author Susan Brock has republished her book titled The Promised Land: How Doing Your Homework In Your Wilderness Leads to Healthy, Lasting Relationships. The book which is available as a Paperback in the Worship and Devotion section of Amazon is gaining five-star reviews.

The 61-year-old Jacksonville resident takes the reader on an emotional journey for her quest for answers. Like most people in life, Susan wanted answers, but she did not just want answers, it was a life and death search so she could heal. After suffering abuse throughout her life, Susan found the answers that she so desperately needed were in Christ, and in Him alone.

This is a book that will take people on a journey that Susan took, where she shares the lessons that she learned while on her long journey to be healed. At the end of each chapter, the book provides thought-provoking questions in the form of “homework” that will allow the reader to go on their own healing journey.

Susan explained about her journey: “The overriding truth that came out, again and again, is that God has a process for each of us as believers to bring us to a peaceful, restful, intimate, and abundantly full relationship with Him. That process begins when we find ourselves in a dry and thirsty land and ends in a place He wants all His children to discover. That place is the Promised Land. Walk with me as we enter in. The invitation extends to all believers. Come on in. Bring them in. Come with me into the Promised Land.”

The Promised Land: How Doing Your Homework In Your Wilderness Leads to Healthy, Lasting Relationships, is a special book that everyone should read to feel more fulfilled. For more information, please visit

About Susan Brock

Susan Brock wondered for years why God would allow her to grow up as she did and to experience the heartaches of the divorce of her parents and the death of her father as a child, then her own subsequent relationship failures, along with depression as an adult.  While her own father, an atheistic Jew who escaped Hitler with his parents in 1939 in what is now part of Poland often said, “How could there be a God who could allow such suffering to happen to His people?”, Susan took the opposite approach: “There has to be a God in spite of all the suffering that happens to His people!”

While Susan did not endure the horrors of what her father’s relatives experienced, she did encounter brushes with death on more than one occasion with child predators and later, as an adult, from her own ex-husband.  Her quest for relief, peace, and understanding began a life and death search for answers as she somehow knew that if her life didn’t change, she would not live to see the age of 30.


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