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theajsound, A Rising Auckland Pop Artist Delivers Mood Elevating New Single ‘Sorrow’


Expect big things ahead from one of Kiwi pop’s newest arrivals, theajsound.
After clocking up hundreds of thousands of streams on previously-released singles this year, the Indian-born, Auckland-based singer and songwriter return with his latest single, the mood-elevating SORROW.

Self-penned by theajsound (AKA AJ) and coproduced by Dominik Wirsching and Julian Huisel, ‘SORROW.’ is a slick and soothing slice of pop. In keeping with his signature style, the song is packed with catchy pop melodies and hooks and set to an atmospheric soundscape with a clear message.

“It is all about embracing your life and enjoying every step of the way,” he says. “It acknowledges the obstacles you face and how you can often hold yourself back. I want people to listen to ‘SORROW.’ and think about how they can move on and leave their baggage behind.”

AJ describes his music as much more than just songs. He wants listeners to enjoy the whole experience and says if you listen closely to ‘SORROW’. The intricate layers of instrumentation make the perfect soundtrack for a feel-good movie.

Today the world is shocked by, theajsound’s performance and nothing is stopping him from curating music that creates a balance across diverse genres. Music is a form of art that is supposed to contribute to society and AJ is a natural storyteller. The track that he creates makes you feel strong and powerful. He brings stories that every soul can relate to.
You know those songs that immediately make your mind “cut to” a sequence of memories or even a daydream of what-could-bes that play like a film reel? AJ’s SORROW dissects the emotion and about making a life in a time of moving on. His milky voice will make you swoon while he delivers brutally blunt lines about life and crave for connection. Follow this link for official lyric video:

The music industry is currently growing at its fastest rate, an artist from all over the world are relentlessly releasing track after track and the talented theajsound, an artist making waves in the industry isn’t just sitting back and watching. He has become one of the most promising superstars (and the biggest sweetheart) across the globe. He’s gone from go-to featured artist/songwriter on tracks to releasing 5 singles since launching in 2020 and amassing over 350,000 streams in just his first year.

For more information please visit or follow on Spotify and Instagram: and






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