Home THIS INSPIRING NEW BOOK BY YOUICHIRO MIYAKE IS CREATING A MAJOR BUZZ WORLDWIDE & IT EXPLAINS THE RELATIONSHIP OF AI WITH PHILOSOPHY October 5, 2019: Globally renowned video gaming developer and philosopher, Youichiro Miyake has proudly announced the worldwide launch of his all-new. The book is entitled ‘AI meets Philosophy: How to Design the Game AI’ and it is an iCardbook like no other. it is an effective studyhuck to learn AI and philosophy more easily and effectively, and it will give a simpler and more enlightening perspective to the everyday reader, who is interested in learning more about artificial intelligence. “Artificial Intelligence must be composed of Engineering, Science and Philosophy.” Said the author Youichiro Miyake, while introducing this book to the world. “For a long time, the vision that encompassed AI(artificial intelligence) was a Cartesian one. It was a rational and mechanical vision. However, with that vision, it is not possible to make AI(artificial intelligence) that lives in the world and live the body from the inside. So a new scaffold is needed, and phenomenology is a great hint for it. ” He added. The author has developed and designed AI for numerous game titles, and he has given many lectures in the universities and game developer conferences. ・Book title AI meets Philosophy: How to Design the Game AI ・Table of contents Chapter 1 Intelligence and Umwelt(Environment World) Chapter 2 What is intelligence? Chapter 3 Two Ways Of Creating Artificial Intelligence Chapter 4 Basic Structure of AI Chapter 5 Uncovering the Structure of Intelligence Chapter 6 Environmental Awareness, Action and Artificial Intelligence Chapter 7 Artificial Intelligence for Movement Chapter 8. Reconstruction of Artificial Intelligence Concept by Phenomenology Chapter 9 “Agent Architecture” and Phenomenological Artificial Intelligence In addition, the book will go on worldwide sale on Thursday, October 10th, 2019. The book is also currently available by subscription and even though its original price is $11.99. if it is bought during the sale by subscription, the price will be only $8.99 on Amazon Store. Furthermore, the book label for this plethora of knowledge is iCardbook. Icardbook is a very good studyhuck book and its first issue has been launched to support special active learning. The ‘i’ in this iCardbook stands for inspire, intelligent and innovative, while it is simply a writing that inspires intellectual travelers, intelligent writing that invites them to “the world of knowledge” that broaden out of concern and interest, innovative writing that renovates the ecosystem of knowledge. iCardbook is one of the attempts to realize the networking of books and articles and it is a new book form for restarting “the ecosystem of knowledge” around the world through networking. For any further information please visit :https://society-zero.com/icardbook/010/index.html The References list of “AI meets Philosophy: how to design the Game AI” | i:Cardbook https://society-zero.com/icard/4350 About the Author Youichiro Miyake is a leading AI Researcher at Square Enix Co. Ltd. He has been involved in development of video game titles while researching game AI technologies as the lead AI researcher at game development company. He has developed and designed AI for numerous game titles. He has given many lectures in the universities and game developer conferences. AImeetphilo



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