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One of the most talked about Bluetooth Speakers is now available on Amazon.

One of the most talked about Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers of 2018 has now been released on Amazon. The Thodio A-BOX 200W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker will bring delight to music lovers, allowing them to stop playing music through their smartphone or tablet speakers and enjoy the powerful smooth sound that the product provides.

Smartphones and tablets speakers are ok if a person isn’t bothered by the quality of the sound, but when they want a punchy quality crystal sound then a quality Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is required. That quality speaker is the A-BOX 200W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and priced at $399 with free shipping, it’s a steal.

The new sound box can be used in the home or when out and about, it can even be used for people looking to hold a party in or outdoors. It has been desgined to withstand knocks, making it a very durable product. It provides everything a person could want from a quality Wireless portable speaker.

With a rechargeable battery that lasts 22 hours, there is no need to worry about carrying around spare batteries or a charger. And that is not the only good thing about this speaker. It comes with two USB charge ports, so when a person is enjoying the latest sounds, they can sit back while they charge their mobile devices.

This is a product that was not built overnight, the designers perfected the product over seven years, using the latest designs and technology including Super-efficient 200 Watts Class D amplifiers capable of processing High-Resolution audio.

The Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker doesn’t look like any other speaker on the market. With its 50’s design, it is a speaker to show off and have everyone talking, and when the music starts with its amazing sound, that is when the dancing starts.

A spokesman for Thodio said: “The A-BOX is a compact power-house which produces a punchy clear sound far exceeding your expectations for a portable speaker of this size. It’s ready to be taken to the “party” field and beyond.”

To learn more about the new Thodio A-BOX 200W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, please visit and learn why it has become one of the most talked about new speakers on the market.

About Thodio A-BOX 200W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

• 4-inch custom Thodio KSX4 high power long throw coaxial Kevlar speakers with 3/4 inch Softdome tweeters with audiophile filter components

• Super efficient 200 Watts Class D amplifiers capable of processing High-Resolution audio

• Besides smartphones, mp3 players, laptops and other wired and wireless audio sources, the A-BOX can be used as guitar amplifier too, a 1/4″ guitar bus is optional

• Integrated rechargeable battery which lasts up to 22 hours per charge (battery included)

• Two USB charge ports to charge mobile devices; Battery indicator lights inside the bass reflex port (the white light indicates a full battery, orange 50% battery, red means it’s time to recharge)


The product will display at private show room at Caesars Palace Villa Suite #8800.

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