Thousands Of People Are Saving Money On Amazon Thanks To SmartPurch


This new Chrome Browser extension called SmartPurch is already helping thousands of people to save money online, and according to experts it’s set to become one of the most important Internet tools of the past decade.


Amazon has become the biggest selling platform on the planet where they have more than 2 million sellers with 178 billion U.S dollars net sales. It is the platform people go to when they want to buy a product for themselves, their home, or for a loved one. However, does Amazon really offer value for money and does the platform really sell products at their lowest prices?


On average, tens of thousands of consumers spend four hours checking all the platforms to find out if Amazon is offering the best deal. Now, thanks to SmartPurch, they only have to spend a few seconds.


SmartPurch, which is a Chrome Browser Extension that works on Amazon product page will check the prices automatically. While shopping, this clever browser extension will check to see which platform offers the product at the best price, which means if Amazon is selling a product that is overpriced the browser extension will show the platform where it’s cheaper.



A spokesman for SmartPurch said: “No longer do consumers have to waste money and no longer do they have to worry about paying more than they should for a product. Our Chrome browser extension will make sure they never pay more than they have to.”


Although SmartPurch is a new Chrome browser extension, many believe that within the next 12 months millions of people will use it while shopping on the Amazon platform.



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About SmartPurch



SmartPurch allows consumers to shop with confidence and enables them to check if the product they are interested in is available cheaper on another platform. If it is cheaper on another platform they can quickly make their purchase within seconds