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TikToker Ebrahim Abbas excels beyond boundaries as an influential and astute social media personality.

He wants to keep bettering his reach and influence to alter more people’s mindsets by debunking myths related to the UAE.

Isn’t it astounding to read more and learn about all those individuals who, instead of waiting for opportunities to knock on their doors, go all out in creating newer ones for them? These individuals make sure to give it their all, no matter what, and in the process, create great experiences and acquire immense knowledge in order to get better at what they do and wish to do in their careers. Many such high-performing professionals have been on a constant rise across the world, especially in the social media world and the whole of digital realm. TikToker Ebrahim Abbas, who too had a strong self-belief that he could create opportunities for himself and ultimately his definition of success, even after walking on unconventional paths, went ahead in making his dreams a reality. Today, even as a 25-year-old from Dubai, the UAE, he has been making his name count across the world with his phenomenal presence and reach as a TikToker and much more.

Ebrahim Abbas is the one who found a grave issue lying in social media, where fake and non-researched content would float, creating a bad image and many rumours about the UAE. He wanted to solve this issue and fill in the gap, and thus, in 2020, amidst the pandemic; he started with TikTok creating value-based content that are useful and knowledgeable and that which can easily debunk myths about Dubai, the UAE. He wanted to be a spokesperson for people in his city to let them know what things are in reality and how people should stay away from rumours and myths created by people with highly vested interests.


Apart from being a recognized content creator, Ebrahim Abbas is also a news presenter on Nas News Arabia, presenting his own show, “Khozha Menni,” which means “take it from me” in Arabic. It is a show about featuring the news, history, projects, culture and economy of the GCC, specifically the UAE. He proudly stands for fundamental facts and speaks the truth. Not just this, he has created three sources of income for himself. One is through collaborations on social media, the second is through investing millions in senior secured loans and stocks from the NY exchange, and the third is as a news presenter.

He says that though he graduated with an accounting and finance major in university and worked as an internal auditor for almost three years, for his passion for creating content, he chose TikTok. The instant engagement and response that people showed him helped him stay motivated.

Ebrahim Abbas (@ebrahim_ka) lastly says that he doesn’t see anyone else as his competition as he knows that others aren’t making content like his, which has what made him one of the most recognized content creators on TikTok in the UAE.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ebrahim Abbas
Contact Person: Media Relations

Country: United Arab Emirates


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