Tomocoin – Has Become The Ethereum of Vietnam

Tomocoin – Has Become The Ethereum of Vietnam Read more:
Did you miss Ethereum (ETH), AntShares (NEO), Icon (ICX) in the initial stage??

Here is your CHANCE to something MASSIVE…

To address the issue of scalability, Tomochain is envisioned to be a network of chains that support decentralized apps and token issuances built on an instant confirmation, near zero transaction fee smart contract. TomoChain plans to support horizontal scaling via adding more second layer blockchains with good performance integrated with Ethereum for backup and atomic cross-chain transfer. The testnet has been made publically available along with a demo wallet, where users can transfer tokens between chains.

Tomocoin – Has Become The Ethereum of Vietnam

As people say, they invest in the Team. Here I feel this is the team to look out for. Long Vuong is project leader, CEO of TomoChain and founder of Tomo app, co-founder and the former project lead of very successful NEM blockchain (New Economy Movement). PhD candidate in economics. The Other team members are equally potential. All in all, this is the team to watch out for. From the list of advisors, Roger Lim is the shining star of the lot. Roger has leveraged his entrepreneurial experience and enthusiasm for blockchain technology to support a string of other high-profile ICOs including Qlink,Bluzelle and THEKEY. His supporting role of Tomocoin is a positive sign.

Is Tomocoin really the ethereum of Vietnam?

If NEO is considered as Ethereum of China, ICON is called Ethereum of Korea, TOMOCOIN is like a first ETHEREUM of Vietnam. The evaluation is based on the analysis of the following factors:

Tomocoin - Has Become The Ethereum of Vietnam

The ICO:

Private Sale is over. PUBLIC SALE Upcoming on 01 March 2018. Total HardCap Private & Public: USD 8.5 Million ONLY. TMC token supply is fixed at 100M TMC in total, with only 40 Million in circulation

I am pretty bullish on this ICO for the fact that the fundraising amount is only 8.5 million USD which is quite low (that means lot of scope to grow) and low token count (that means there will be enough demand)

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