Homepage Redesign and Vacation Home owner Tax Benefits in 2018


SCOTTSDALE, AZ, March, 2018, an internet leader in saving travelers money by connecting them directly with vacation home owners, releases a report on the new and improved homepage design, along with a tax benefits report for renting out your vacation home. homepage redesign

In February 2018, launched it’s beautiful new homepage redesign. Featuring the classic Tripz search bar. This search query bar will lead you to a map point based on the geographical location that you chose. Navigation of the map is encouraged, so you can find a place to stay closest to your desired attraction or destination.

Tripz new homepage also features some of it’s most popular rental destinations in the United States. Using vibrant photos, that lead the consumer to amazing galleries of vacation rentals to choose from.

If you haven’t been able to watch the new commercial, it’s entirety is spotlighted in the middle of the new homepage. The hilarious new commercial shows the the frustration of paying for hidden fees.

Vacation home owner tax benefits in 2018

According to the IRS, vacation home owners have the ability to deduct ordinary and necessary expenses for managing, conserving, and maintaining your rental property. Those expenses include; taxes, advertising, maintenance, utilities, and insurance. For example placing your property on would actually be an advertising fee, since we’re placing your property on display to generate business.

A cleaning service, supplies, materials all relating to renting out your vacation home are also considered tax deductible. Something as simple as washing bedding for your guests, is considered tax deductible. Any of the ordinary costs incurred to you for your guests typically can be deducted. Always be sure to keep your receipts which follows the best practices for record keeping.

Traveling locally to your rental home

If you drive to your rental home to perform; routine maintenance, checkups, or collecting rental fees – You are actually entitled to claim the standard mileage rate. reads that the standard mileage rate for 2017 was 53.5 cents per mile. This write off also includes local tolls and parking fees.

The 14 day rule

There’s a simple rule in the rental industry: if you don’t rent your vacation home for over 14 days in a single year ñ you don’t have to report rental income. Always make sure you have the proper proof in case you do get a letter from the IRS asking for more information.

Vacation Rental Random Facts

In 2016, 49.5 is the average age that a home owner begins renting their home.
21% of home owners that rent their home to earn extra income use it for their children’s education.
8% of vacation rental owners purchased their vacation rental home before the home they reside in.

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