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Trivver: Run Ads In Extended Reality Environments

Trivver aims at breaking the norms of the advertising agency. They are being hailed as the next-gen programmatic ad exchange platform for 3D, VR, MR and AR advertising.

Trivver, an extended reality advertising portal has recently launched a token sale to help further the growth of their ecosystem.  It makes use of a revolutionary technology which would allow ad agencies to create and run their advertisement campaigns in extended reality environments. 3D models of the brands would be integrated seamlessly into the real environments giving viewers an out of the world experience.

Trivver works on the dynamics of revolutionizing the ad world that will help agencies, networks, and advertisers create ad campaigns that would run in extended reality environments. Their ad exchange server focuses on the seamless integration of 3D models of the brands and gives a creative and interactive experience for the users.


A spokesperson for the company stated, “We have a lot of ideas, and we want to be the harbinger of change as far as the world of advertisement is concerned. With the best of technological implementation, we believe that we can truly revolutionize this field and it would also benefit the viewers by offering them a new view.”

Trivver has also launched a smart tab and app as well which can help users discover the different details pertaining to XR brands. The focus is on offering a non-disruptive experience so that users can also benefit from the products offered by the company. With Trivver, 3D ads can now be dynamically embedded in extended reality environments ion natural and non-disruptive format.

Extended reality content publishers are extremely excited about this platform because they believe that this can truly help them get the most out of their ad campaigns and the results would be there for them to see. It should have a direct positive impact on the sales number too. With the importance of interactive brand content being emphasized more them ever, it is quite clear as to how Trivver has triggered the right changes. 

Those who would like to benefit from the use of this technology should be happy to know that the token sale has gone live and it is also going well.

Those who would like to participate in the token sales can visit and even explore more details about the product and technology offered by Trivver.

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