‘Trust Me, I’m a Salesman’: New Book of “Sales Cartoons” Proves Trust and Value Are Louder than Any Wall Street Wolf!


Yuri van der Sluis’s ‘Trust Me, I’m a Salesman: How to Earn Customers through Trust and Value’ brings over thirty sales-centric cartoons under one cover, imparting tons of wisdom that will help any entrepreneur or sales professional to crush their targets. While witty and entertaining, the cartoons ultimately prove the importance of putting trust, value and the client relationship before the transaction itself. It’s a new paradigm in a world where movies like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ have skewed and confused the image of what sales are actually all about.

United Kingdom – While Leonardo DiCaprio plays the fascinating Jordan Belfort in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, Hollywood leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to portraying what it actually means to sell. It’s not a case of loud voices over a phone trying to overpromise and under deliver, but a delicate and slow-burn relationship where customers and their needs truly do come first.

Yuri van der Sluis has trained over twelve thousand sales professionals in the art of putting trust and relationship building before the transaction and, in his new book, he imparts this wisdom in the most novel of ways.

‘Trust Me, I’m a Salesman: How to Earn Customers through Trust and Value’ deploys, of all things, a series of over thirty entertaining yet practical cartoons that cover all aspects of the B2B sales spectrum.

Synopsis –

After training thousands of B2B sales people worldwide, Yuri van der Sluis has packed the essence of value and trust selling into thirty cartoons. This book will show you in an entertaining and practical way how you can be successful in sales, by being the exact opposite of the Wolf of Wall Street – in short, a top sales dog instead of a sales wolf. Put the customer front and centre in the buying process and sell by building trust and providing value. This way you won’t be aiming just for the transaction, but for the relationship and your customer as a whole, too. You won’t have to lie, cheat or manipulate your way into business. It’s so important for your business that customers keep coming back because doing business with you is a good thing!

This book will help you to:

• sell the right way by building on your integrity and content

• inject value into the sales process

• get your customers’ trust

• get your customers’ commitment

• separate yourself from all the sales wolves out there.

You will be guided through a typical B2B sales process that shows the major differences between the wolf and the dog. Cartoons will show you the stark contrasts between the two ways to sell.

“This book is for anyone who sells,” explains the author, “from entrepreneurs who own their own business to employed sales professionals. It’s about getting back to basics and putting value, customer needs and relationships before the processing of anyone’s credit card. If you can build the knowledge, problem-solving and trust with a prospect, the transaction takes care of itself.”

He continues, “I think movies such as ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ are hugely entertaining, but they definitely present a false image of the sales world. I don’t want people to take their lessons from Leonardo DiCaprio because, after all, it was just a film and the real Jordan Belfort left a lot to be desired! I hope this book shares some sales wisdom in a unique and palatable way.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. Maribeth comments, “This book details every stage in the sales process from preparing for the first call to engaging the prospect, dealing with roadblocks through closing the deal and the many steps in between. Through a very clever way, the author compares the wolf (old way of selling) to the dog (new way of selling) and takes the reader on a journey of making changes to your sales pitch to ultimately win more details and have trusted ongoing client relationships.”

‘Trust Me, I’m a Salesman: How to Earn Customers through Trust and Value’ is available now: https://amzn.to/2wodGvE

About the Author

Yuri van der Sluis is a recognised B2B sales leader, author, speaker and trainer. He has trained more than twelve thousand sales professionals around the globe. Yuri helps sales people transform the way they do business, so customers are more successful, resulting in bigger and better contracts.

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