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As a well-known manufacturer of ultrasonic products, Beijing Ultrasonic has introduced their ultrasonic generator & transducer products to customers worldwide.

Ultrasonic cleaners have been used in cleaning electronic parts, electroplating hardware, auto parts, optical lens, jewelry, glassware, filtration, the spinneret, medical equipment, Silicon wafer, electronic precision parts and so on.

Ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic cleaning transducer are the key components of a ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic generator, which generates ultrasonic waves, is an important part of ultrasonic cleaner. It provides an ultrasonic frequency to drive the ultrasonic transducers to perform an ultrasonic cleaning application. The quality of the ultrasonic generator directly affect the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning system.

Beijing Ultrasonic, a well-known ultrasonic products manufacturer, researched and developed their unique high-efficient ultrasonic generators, including digital ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic generator circuit. The former has digital display function and is a well-built complete machine, the latter is like a circuit board.

There are two types of cleaning transducers for ultrasonic cleaner: magnetostrictive transducer & piezoelectric transducer. And piezoelectric transducer is more commonly used for it is cheaper, more efficient and can easily adapt to various frequency ranges. They are also smaller than magnetostrictive transducers.

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