Understanding Goth Clothing and Culture More


Gothic women’s clothing has become popular these days and most people have their own notions of the Goth culture. Most people associate it with heavy black makeup and layers of clothing. The truth about this group of people is that there are subsets found within it. Each subset has its own different look, musical preferences, and personal taste.


There are bridges that connect such subcultures. Most of these groups are in fact well-read and they are knowledgeable in literature. They are also well-versed in philosophy and sociology and it is common for them to discuss Nietzsche. Majority of the goths are intelligent and creative; they are also highly sociable. However, they tend to become quiet when they’re around normal people. You might think that every Goth has the same characteristics; there are many differences. Here are some types of Goth subcultures you might have noticed:


These Goths are inspired by the look of the 1800s. It includes the clothing used when mourning over someone’s death. Their fashion is the opposite of the punk-inspired fashion which is more of the classic look with velvet dresses, long gowns, and damasks.

This type of gothic women’s clothing includes black corsets almost all the time. You may also find gloves, parasols, fans, and other accessories. Jewelry also tends to be minimal and classic in its appearance and style. Hair and makeup may be simple but it has to have a dramatic effect.


This is the Goth group that you can easily identify. They wear mostly black clothes with some accents that are fluorescent and sometimes even glow in the dark LED lights. They also wear gas masks and what they call as multimedia hair. There’s an influence of tribal fashion on these Goths. You can see these goths wearing dreadlocks and loincloths. Such fashion elements may also be combined with high-tech and post-apocalyptic elements that almost make them look like aliens.


This is the look that most people imagine when they hear of the word “goth.” With this type of Goth subculture, the look is considered extreme. It all started during the 1980’s in the UK but was more followed and adored by the disaffected youth of East Germany. This look is characterized by blonde hair, the use of bright candy colors, having tanned skin, mohawks for hair, torn fishnets, and needless to say it’s mostly black clothing.

No matter what type of personality you may have and regardless of the gothic subculture you belong in, there are some Gothic tips that you can abide by. Here are some tips for the tall ladies:

Wear miniskirts with your leggings. It can be indecent for tall women to wear mini-skirts and dresses. It is a good way to still look dignified if you would wear mini-skirts with leggings underneath.

You also have to layer the tops. It may be difficult for tall women to find tops that don’t look like cropped. It’s better for you to have lots of tank tops and vest tops. Choose the longline. This will cover your body even when the other shirt rises up.


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