UNPLUGGED WEDDINGS- The New Trend or Standard?

Lets have you decide. Here are some true stories from weddings from wedding photographers and videographers.

Here comes the beautiful bride all in white. Smile from ear to ear trying to lock eyes with her groom. But wait. She cant! Her uncles cellphone is in the way!

The Photographer prepares himself for the brides entry. The Photog finds the perfect spot, just out of the way. She begins her walk down the isle tears coming down as her father smiles at her. The photographer takes a snap right when her cousin decides to literally walk in the isle to snapchat her entry. The photographer is forced to compete and stand practically in the middle to get their shot. The Videographer as you can imagine didn’t have a great shot of the cousin and photog is in their shot.

Miami Wedding photographer/videographer Osiris describes one of his worst cases. The bride and groom are about to become one when sealing their vows with a kiss. Osiris was in love with the gorgeous church and decides a photograph from the back of the church while the couple kisses will be incredible featuring the churches architecture and beauty. The moment arrives and the photo is taken. When I view the image all I see is 50 cellphone screens and a kiss of course. It just didn’t look right.

Here are just a few instances of weddings allowing cellphones. You be the judge if this should become the standard. If you would love to hear more stories contact Osiris at www.osirisphotoandfilm.com. He is a Miami wedding & engagement Photographer videographer specializing in wedding Photography and Video.
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