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Unveiling Men’s Mental Health: A Powerful Short Film Sparking Change

In the midst of a global mental health crisis, Laurel Hill Production and Ron Winston Entertainment proudly present “CRISIS,” a groundbreaking short film aimed at shedding light on men’s mental health. Written by Wanda Rose, directed by Shirod Greene, and featuring the talented Ronald Dillard Jr. as the lead actor, this film challenges societal norms and advocates for a renewed focus on men’s well-being.

“CRISIS” boldly confronts the mental health challenges faced by men worldwide, exploring the unique struggles rooted in societal expectations, toxic masculinity, and the pressure to conceal emotions. By fearlessly unmasking these issues, the film aims to break down barriers and inspire men to prioritize their mental well-being by seeking help and support.


Recognizing the need for innovative messaging to reach a diverse audience, “CRISIS” has strategically leveraged platforms such as TikTok and FavUniteTV. With over 40,000 views on TikTok and a feature on FavUniteTV, the film’s powerful message has captivated viewers and sparked essential conversations. It serves as a catalyst for raising awareness about men’s mental health, encouraging open dialogue, and promoting societal change.

Ronald Dillard Jr. delivers a captivating performance as the lead actor in “CRISIS,” breathing life into the film. His portrayal of the struggles, vulnerabilities, and resilience faced by men resonates deeply with audiences, humanizing their experiences. Ronald Dillard Jr.’s  exceptional talent brings authenticity and relatability to the screen, ensuring that the film is both immersive and impactful.

Moreover, “CRISIS” recognizes the critical importance of providing resources and support to those in need. The film actively guides viewers towards seeking help by sharing information about helplines and support networks. By providing tangible options for assistance, the film ensures that its message is not only inspiring but also actionable, fostering empathy, understanding, and actionable steps to address the ongoing mental health crisis.

The film can be seen on YouTube at  For additional information about the film contact Laurel Hill Productions or visit the website at


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