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With the less than 1-mm flat V-Juice Charger Pad, a solution comes onto the market that allows smartphone charging anywhere in the home. It fits into the interior design without the need for annoying cables, and thus allows never leaving the house again with an empty battery.

With the iPhone 8 and X, Apple has introduced wirelessly chargeable devices to its lineup. Samsung, Nokia, LG, Google, Sony and several others have already taken the step. These devices usually use the Qi standard for wireless charging compatibility.
Devices that are not equipped with wireless charging can usually be upgraded with an adapter or a specially equipped case.

Instead of inserting a plug with cable into the smartphone or tablet for charging, the device is placed on a charging station.

The charging station is connected with plug and cable. The cables are connected to a power supply unit.

One of the reasons that wireless charging has not yet had its break-through is that many people consider the charging station’s cable as bothersome or the station itself as an awkward fit in the interior design of their home or office.

The V-Juice Pad is the solution to this problem.

Instead of a thick charging station with a cable, the V-Juice Pad is a less than 1mm thin foil in which the cable is also integrated. An optional booster pad can be installed to reduce charging time (a version with integrated booster pad -increasing the height to a certain extend- is in evaluation).
After removing the protective film on the bottom side, it can be attached to almost any surface. The V-Juice Pad is equipped with a removable adhesive layer, so that the position can be easily changed.

The charging electronic module is another part and placed separately from the pad, such that it can be hidden behind or under furniture. Only there, where it is out of sight and out of mind, comes then the round cable that attaches to the power supply unit.

Due to its discreet functional design, white color and absence of flashing LEDs, it can be integrated very well into the interior design of an apartment or office.

It can be installed at one, or ideally at several, “natural resting places” of the smartphone, places where a person usually puts their device. This can be the drawer in the corridor, the little table next to the sofa, the desk, or the bedside table.

There the smartphone or tablet is gently charged during the “rest period”, i.e. over a longer period of time.

The creators of V-Juice go a different way than most manufacturers of inductive charging stations.
Instead of reducing the required charging time by increasing charging power, the concept of the V-Juice Charger is based on charging the smartphone in any location, thereby extending the effective charging time.

A design patent is pending.

The V-Juice Pad will be available in autumn.

The financing round for the V-Juice Charger, designed and developed in Germany, is currently running on Kickstarter. Innovators and quick decision-makers can still get a bargain.


Contact information:

V-Juice, Tilman Roeder, Emil-Geis-Strasse 33, 81379 Muenchen, Germany


Phone: +49 172/1083212

Webpage: www.V-Juice.xyz

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7Cm3wzLcMo&feature=youtu.be




Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/145308300/v-juicetm-high-tech-and-beautiful-interior-in-harm?ref=project_build#


Full set of pictures: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/735399e58f93226fbae21c38577165ca20180828213154/08388c752085a854011dccbe2338e1fa20180828213154/31ce05