VENTURE 4TH Announces Release Of New RFID Neck Wallet Suitable For Anyone On the Move



VENTURE 4TH Announces Release Of New RFID Neck Wallet Suitable For Anyone On the Move

In a time where uncertainties and emerging new technology has greatly armed con-artists and theft perpetrators, The cutting edge VENTURE 4TH Neck Wallet combines style and functionality for today’s smart traveler.

Today’s traveler has to choose their battles wisely, and the exciting challenges of the great outdoors and journeys to new locations needn’t come with the headaches of identity theft. That’s why VENTURE 4TH has announced the release of the much anticipated RFID Neck Wallet.

The comfortable and lightweight RFID neck pouch comes in Navy, Red, Green and Black color and is touted by the many customers who have already purchased the first release on amazon as a safe and totally convenient means to keep credit cards, passports, mobile phones, and valuable personal belongings that could be easily exposed to skimmers and thieves if they are left in ordinary travel pouches and wallets.

Being surprisingly lightweight, with three smart storage compartments, the RFID wallet is lined with radio frequency shielding that protects the user from identity thieves who target tourists and steal credit card information, and other critical personal details using RFID skimmers and scanners that most up-to-speed globetrotters are well aware of by now.

Venture 4TH RFID Neck Wallet is essentially made for flexibility, comfort and safety against new tech skimming and theft as its driving force and primary aim.

So is this the best neck pouch for those looking for on-point and relevant travel accessories?

Quite possibly. Given that this VENTURE 4TH RFID neck wallet hides away, has such a low profile that it’s practically invisible even under a shirt, it is virtually invisible to thieves and adds a sense of security no matter where the wearer finds themselves.

In the words of Patricia Wright; A senior execute of the company, we use the highest-quality materials to craft durable RFID Passport Holders. Earlier this year, we had introduced the test RFID Neck Wallet and the reception was amazing. We sold out on amazon and ever since, we have been working tirelessly to release the neck wallet officially and I am happy that it is finally here.”

“To announce the official release of the Venture 4TH RFID Neck wallet, and in the spirit of celebrating our new release, we have prepared a time sensitive Coupon Code: RFIDBLOCK offering 30% OFF for everybody to take part and experience a flexible storage with maximum comfort.” Ms. Patricia added.

Reviews from most customers who had purchased the first batch of the venture 4th neck wallet suggests that the products fits and solves a need. One apparently satisfied customer had this to say:

“Useful for traveling, I picked up this RFID neck pouch/passport misc holder. Anyone that travels knows you constantly retrieve boarding passes, passports, wallets and papers many times. The multiple compartments worked well for me and I knew where to reach for anything when I needed it.”

The RFID neck wallet by VENTURE 4TH indeed succeeds at combining versatility, usability, flexibility, and even a dose of ingenuity, putting the wearers mind at ease. This allows the wearer to focus on other business matters or get back to enjoying their vacation time which ought not come with excessive and unnecessary security concerns.

For more information visit to get a discount on the new Neck Wallet Release with the Coupon Code: RFIDBLOCK for a 30% discount or check out the listing on Amazon here:

ABOUT VENTURE 4TH: Venture 4th is a travel accessories company that specializes in high-quality, durable, and thoroughly-tested outdoor products designed to give you convenience, and peace of mind no matter how far your next journey takes you.

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