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Vidalux releases new range of steam generators






Steam is one of the most incredibly useful substances known to humanity.  It can power massive industrial heating systems – or take the wrinkles out of clothes.  It can clean carpets – or it can clean the human body.  In point of fact, steam is great for the human body, offering all kinds of benefits.  Its healing and health-promoting properties have been recognized all around the world for thousands for years from the bathhouses of ancient Greece and Rome to Japanese sento to Finnish saunas.  Up until very recently, however, only the rich could enjoy the benefits of steam in the privacy and convenience of their own homes.  Andrew Ellis from Vidalux, however, is a man on a mission to change that.

Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of steam


Andrew Ellis is a firm believer in pushing the benefits of steam out into the mainstream.  “Up until now,” he says “there have been genuine reasons why steam has been a luxury for the wealthy.  Steam itself is simple, you can produce it just by boiling a kettle, but it’s so powerful it can also be dangerous, which is why industrial steam systems have so many safety features.  The people who build them are only too aware of what could happen if they were to malfunction or physically break.  Domestic steam generators are much closer to kettles than they are to industrial systems, but there is still a safety aspect to them, which is why it’s so important to buy them from reputable suppliers.  At the same time, technology has moved on a lot since ancient times and we’ve now reached a point where it’s possible to produce safe steam generators at a price ordinary people can afford and our new range of steam generators is our most affordable yet.”

Steam in the (lack-of-) space age

“The other barrier to the widespread use of steam in private homes,” continues Andrew Ellis “is space, or the lack of it.  It’s common knowledge that homes are getting smaller and that means bathrooms are getting smaller too and if you simply look at traditional appliances such as standard, lie in baths it can seem impossible to fit in everything you need, let alone anything you want, actually it can genuinely be impossible.  Fortunately, there is a huge variety of “new-generation” appliances which can fit a whole lot of functionality into a very small footprint.  Possibly the best example of this are top-end shower cabins, which not only contain excellent showers but also have hydrotherapy jets and steam generators and are at least as luxurious to use as any standard, lie-in bath.  The good news is that even if your budget doesn’t run to this right now, you can still upgrade your bathroom quickly, easily and affordably by retrofitting a steam generator to your existing shower or even, if you have a little bit extra space, creating a separate area for steam.  You don’t even necessarily have to give up a lot of valuable storage space because you can use seating which doubles as storage and the steam generators we offer at Vidalux are all very compact, they’re much smaller than many people think they are so they will fit in to even smaller bathrooms.  They’re also very easy to install and in addition to supplying a comprehensive and clear instruction manual, we also have staff on the end of a phone if you need any more help.”

Invest in your health

In the opinion of Andrew Ellis “Taking care of ourselves should be one of our top priorities and I firmly believe that everyone should be able to afford products which promote health and wellness.  Steam has all kinds of proven health benefits, from relieving respiratory conditions to helping people shake off common illnesses more quickly and it’s also known for its great benefits to the skin, which is why the beauty industry is so enthusiastic about it.  Investing in a steam generator is a great way to keep yourself feeling good and looking good and that, obviously has benefits in all areas of your life, from fewer days off work to having more energy to play with your children.  That’s why I’m so proud of the fact that we can produce safe and effective steam generators at prices ordinary people can afford.”

Media Contact
Company Name: Vidalux
Contact Person: Andrew Ellis
Email: Send Email
Phone: 0871 526 5926
Address:Unit 35, Heysham Business Park, Middleton Road
City: Heysham
Country: United Kingdom


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