Vidlux Pure E electric shower range of leak free cabins


Vidlux Pure E electric shower range of leak free cabins




Spring is gently making its way towards us and that’s the traditional time to give houses a deep clean and maybe an update too.  If you’re looking to give your bathroom a bit or an updated or maybe even thinking about remodeling your house completely and moving the bathroom or adding another one, then Sam Cassidy of Steamshowerstore has some tips for you.

His first tip is: “Think about what you want first, then look at what you have and see how to bridge the difference.” He goes on: “That’s the opposite of a lot of traditional advice, which is to start with what you have and see what you can do with it.  That made complete sense in the old days when the state of technology often limited what you could do with existing features unless you had an absolutely huge budget, but now there are many more possibilities open to people in ordinary homes with ordinary budgets so rather than just assuming you’ll basically have to make do with what you have, try looking into the options for getting what you actually want.  You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.”

His second tip is: “Ask yourself if you really need a full bath or any sort of bath.  I understand that many of us, myself included, like the idea of being able to soak in a bath every now and again, but baths take up a lot of floor space all the time so are you really prepared to sacrifice that bathroom space for something you’re only going to use on the odd occasion?  It’s important to think about the bigger picture, for example, if you switch out that bath for a shower, you can use the space for storage and that in turn may be enough to free up space somewhere else in your home for a comfortable home office you will use every day.”

His third tip is “Don’t be intimidated by the thought of making changes to plumbing.  One of the most exciting developments in bathroom technology is the vast improvements to electric showers which have been largely pioneered by a company called Vidalux with their Pure E range.  Their products mean that you can install a good shower anywhere you can get a cold-water feed and that in itself can eliminate the need to move plumbing or vastly reduce the cost if you do decide you want to place your bathroom somewhere without any plumbing whatsoever.”

His fourth tip is “Make life easy for yourself with a shower cabin.”  He continues “Maybe I should have made this my first tip, because it can really save people a lot of money and hassle and improve the appearance of their bathroom.  The first big advantage of shower cabins is that they are completely self-contained so you don’t need to tile around them and you don’t need to bother about fixing the leaks which are just part and parcel of running a traditional shower.  If you get a good-quality shower cabin, such as the ones sold by Vidalux, it will be really easy to install and it will look good too.”

His fifth and final tip is “Remember that shape and texture can add interest to small bathrooms without overwhelming them.  Even larger bathrooms tend to be small rooms compared to the rest of the home and the smallest bathrooms and cloakrooms can be really tiny.  Most people understand instinctively that in these situations it’s usually best to stick to a restricted colour palette to avoid making the room seem too confused and busy.  At the same time, however, even in smaller spaces, this can seem a bit dull, you need to strike a balance and the way to do it is to use shape and texture, possibly together with the odd pop of colour, even if it’s in a monochromatic palette.  For example, you may never have noticed that these days, you can buy radiators and towel radiators in all kinds of shapes and finishes, so you can combine function with decoration.  Likewise, you can soften a hard-wearing floor with a rug, which will add warmth and comfort as well as decoration and, of course, which you can easily wash when you need to.”

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