VIZARD THE BEGINNING Fantasty Novel Becomes A Huge Hit


Unlikely Creative Duo Come Together to Write Fantasy Novel


17-year-old filmmaker Brandon Watson and mask designer Olga Sem (45) have just self-published a fantasy novel called VIZARD The Beginning through Amazon; based on VIZARD Show (created by Olga Sem). Sem was born in Kazakhstan and raised in a multicultural family in Ukraine. She soon moved to Venice to study the art of making beautiful masks taught by the old master Senor Augusto at his small workshop. Following her graduation from art school and receiving two science degrees, she moved with her husband Vladimir and two sons to Canada, where she decided to pursue her passion of crafting masks. Being warmly accepted by the arts community in Calgary, she was convinced by Vladimir to start her own entertainment company, Masks International Show and Olga’s International Trade, and began developing masks for their subsequent creation, Vizard Show. Watson is a writer and filmmaker from Calgary, Alberta known for his 2018 feature film Supposition (featuring Tahmoh Penikett) and 2013 feature film Calico. He’s also written, directed, and produced over a dozen short films.

VIZARD The Beginning is in a series of what will presumably be at least four novels, each of which derive their characters, events, and themes from the theatrical stage production VIZARD Show. This show had a short and very successful trial run in Calgary, Canada; receiving universal acclaim and monetary success. This book is meant to supplement and expand upon the lore of the show. The novel, a unique combination of the fantasy, mystery, and romance genres, is set in Ancient Greece, and chronicles the story of Vizardios, the central character of the show. We first explore the esoteric circumstances surrounding his conception, as well as birth, focusing heavily on the life and experiences of his mother, Adonia, as well as her mother and father – Elena and Theophilus. We continue our journey with Vizardios as he grows into a young man, culminating in his voluntary engagement in ongoing warfare between the Greeks and Barbarian tribes invading from the lands to the north.

You can purchase this book online at in both Kindle and paperback.

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