Want to sleep in the House where Fernando Pessoa lived


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Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa

Was a poet, writer, critic, translator and astrologer,

He is Portugal´s most highly acclaimed and prolific poet,

as one of the most significant literary figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest poets in the Portuguese language.

Born in Lisbon, he lived in various rented rooms throughout the City of Lisbon, and it was in this house that he rented his first room…

The Martinho family, have hand picked this special establishment, based upon the outstanding surroundings, unusual charm, history, culture and a sense of place.

Guest of this house, here rent is first room, lived here sometime between 1908-1912 as a young man, starting out your career making ends meet by working also in this house for his cousin, but they will go on to become one of the foremost influencers of Portuguese modernism and Portuguese literature.

Poet, writer, translator, publicist… in 1925 we wrote a guide for tourists, which would be found in his luggage many years after his death!  “What the tourist should see” about Lisbon, is of course somewhat outdated now, but at the time was intended to be a reference to the diversity of projects in which he was involved. 

Today in Portuguese culture, have become an icon for Lisbon, a city that he loved immeasurably. During his relatively short life, published only four works; one in Portuguese and three in English. We did, however, leave a legacy of more than 28000 pages that would later be compiled, giving rise to numerous books which to this day serve as inspiration for the most diverse of artisans the world over!

Now, further to his touristic point of view, the Martinho family, welcomes tourists from all over the world in this House with seven rooms include the Pessoa´s room, situated in the historic center, Largo do Carmo, the best starting point for getting the experience to know this wonderful city.###





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