Waycaster Tire & Auto Offers Expanded Auto Maintenance in Lincolnton NC

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Waycaster Tire & Auto is celebrating almost 2 decades of business in Lincolnton and Lincoln County with an expanded set of services that they are offering to their customers and the families who need dependable Auto Maintenance in Lincolnton NC!


Waycaster Tire & Auto has been serving the driving public with dependable used and new tires for years, but now they are offering an array of services:


      Oil Changes


      Transmission Fluid Changes


      Oil & Fluid Changes for Motorcycles & ATVs


      Front Disk Brake Jobs


      Drum Brake Jobs


      New & Used Tires




In addition to the other services listed above, Waycaster Tire & Auto is also in the process of becoming a certified NC Inspection station Lincolnton NC drivers can depend on.


According to James Waycaster, the owner: “We have been supplying the people of Lincolnton and the surrounding area  with good tires for years, and can beat anyone in town on prices, but we have been wanting to expand our services – this year, that is finally happening! We are giving great deals right now on oil changes, front disk brake jobs and many areas of motorcycle maintenance.”


“We are also performing other minor repairs on both cars, light trucks and motorcycles – our goal is to provide the same great service and prices on these items and more just as we have been doing with tires these last two decades!”


Summer specials include:


      $25.00 5 Quart Basic Oil Change


      $45.00 Front End Disk Brake Jobs (Parts Not Included)


      Various Used and NEw Tire Specials


      Tire Rotation


As one of the most dependable and affordable tire stores in Lincolnton, Waycaster Tire & Auto says they are proud to deliver the same high quality in oil changes in Lincolnton and brake jobs Lincolnton NC residents need to keep their cars running and stopping smoothly.


“The summer driving season is one of the heaviest times for driving – lots of families go on vacation, or visit other families and loved ones over the Summer holidays. Before you drive your car hundreds of miles, make sure your maintenance is up to date and that your tires are ready for a road trip!”


It is recommended that you inspect your tires at least once a week, looking for any signs of uneven wear or damage. Tires should be rotated at least every 5000 miles to make sure they wear evenly and last as long as possible.

Keeping tires inflated to the proper PSI is also very important for both tire life and getting the most mileage out of your car.

“Oil changes on some cars can be as long as 5000 miles apart, but it depends on the type of car you have and the type of oil that is specified for that car. Full synthetic oils are usually the ones that have the longer change intervals,” says James Waycaster, Owner. “But cars that don’t use full synthetic oils or older cars still need their oil changed every 3000 miles. If you are not sure whether your oil needs to be changed now, come by our tire store in Lincolnton NC at 902 E Main Street in Lincolnton NC and we can check it for you.”

Waycaster Tire & Auto is set to supply the car maintenance Lincolnton NC drivers need, as well as NC inspections in Lincolnton. They are open 8:30-5:30 Monday through Friday and 8:30 – 4:00 pm on Saturdays.

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Waycaster Tire & Auto has supplied new and used tires in Lincolnton NC for years, and now offers oil changes and other car maintenance Lincolnton NC drivers need as well. Visit wwwwaycastertireauto.com for more information!

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