What’s the Secret to Prayer? Surrender, says ‘Golden Prayer’ author Edward Weiss


“Let go and let God” says Weiss

People have been praying for thousands of years, but not always in the right way. Or so thinks Edward Weiss, author of the new book The Golden Prayer. Weiss, whose book recently hit in the top 10 on Amazon thinks it is far better to let go and let God take control than to ask for what has already been given. Edward comments about this…

“People have been praying and asking God for what God can not give. Instead of asking, we should be surrendering. And once surrendered, all questions are answered, all petitions satisfied.”

Such are among the ideas of this new author who boldly declares what he thinks works to reach God and what does not. The power of prayer, according to Weiss, is its ability to remind us of what we are in God. Edward comments again…

“The most important choice we have is whether to put God or the world first. If we put the world first, we fall and move into bondage. This happens over and over again until it is learned – there is only partial satisfaction here. For complete satisfaction, we must know what we are in God. The world pulls us in and we forget. We go to sleep and remain in bondage. Prayer is a potent tool. We ask for nothing but to know God’s holy presence and when it happens, the Earth trembles.”

To learn more about the book The Golden Prayer and its author Edward Weiss, visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/1977695906