Where Would Jesus shop? WWJS Explains


Where Would Jesus shop? WWJS

WWJS-Where would Jesus shop? Would brands be a deciding factor for the savior of the world? Would the humble nature of the almighty son of god have him looking for low priced items of extreme quality and style? How about shipping? Where would the Lord list his primary residence? There are many factors that would need to be considered when servicing a man of such immense stature. Is this a made up scenario, or a possible business plan and approach that could and does translate into a winning customer service approach?

What if you approached every customer with Jesus in your heart and on your mind? This might sound hard to some, but what if? How would your customers respond if they were treated as well as you might treat Jesus himself? These questions have run through the mind of Fort Collins, Colorado entrepreneur Douglas Vandergraph and his family on many occasions.

Their Online Shopping Mall, www.BargainBrute.com with 44 stores is becoming widely known for its family based customer service approach and the humble pricing structure on its over 2 million different products. “It is all about family and running a company based on values we can raise our children around”, states Douglas Vandergraph.  He means it, as both of his daughters own and run stores on the rebranded www.BargainBrute.com platform. Sarah, age 9, is currently a freshman in high school and in her spare time focuses on her International Fashion Outlet www.Sarahsfashions.com. Audrey, age 6, was just recently named the Youngest Senior Executive in America by Business Week. She has over 290,000 different pieces of artwork, signs, and posters on her store www.AudreysArtwork.com. Both of these little girls are quoted as stating the relationship they have as a family, and with their loving parents is the guiding light that keeps them on track towards future achievement. Audrey states in her Business Week interview, “We treat our employees and customers with the same love of god we share as a family”. This is why this accomplished little girl is asking you to go www.ShoppingwithJesus.com.

So where would Jesus shop? It is our opinion that Jesus would support businesses that treat their employees and customers with the same love they share of him. That holding his teachings in your heart and mind and applying them while dealing with customers will ensure his love comes through in that interaction. Would Jesus shop online at the 44 stores on www.BargainBrute.com or www.ShoppingwithJesus.com? We believe his presence is already there. That his inspiration is what drives the Vandergraph family to not only love one another, but to deal with their customers in a way that they are not accustomed to from other businesses: with love, caring, compassion, and amazing service. Jesus was a man of service and we believe every business would do better if based on his teachings. 

Would Jesus patronize your business?  The Vandergraph family would like to invite you to go www.ShoppingwithJesus.com.

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