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Whick kinds of flashlight you buy – Screen Lighting


Are you tired of having to spend money on batteries for your flashlight? You don’t just spend on the batteries alone but the flashlight is not as bright as you thought it would be?

Screen lighting is changing all of that for you. You might have had tough times with the flashlights you’ve been using such as the weight, dull light, low range coverage, and more. Screen lighting is a modern style portable flashlight that fits easily into your bag, ready to spring into when you need it.

It’s a reliable companion that’s easy to grip and provides a wide field vision that goes beyond that of a conventional flashlight, charging screen lighting is way easy and simple it’s just like charging a phone, it lasts up to 24hours of continuous usage just on a single full charge and it notifies you when you’re running low on energy (cool right?). Now there’s no need to walk around with extra batteries anymore.

You may ask yourself, what makes screen lighting different? Well; we eliminate the size, weight, and hassles of traditional day-to-day portable flashlights and create a seamless experience for you every day.

Here’s another cool thing about screen lighting; it is shockproof, waterproof, you can normally use it in any bad weather and it provides over 100-degree wide screen so you can see anything right where you point it.

Now you don’t have to worry about the weight, battery life, brightness, or anything at all. Screen lighting is your perfect companion for the night and you can get yours at an affordable price to enjoy all that it offers.

Visit www.screen.lighting

Get yours now! Screen, travel to the future.

Some sound advice on successful for making a new flash light

Tips for design flash light

  1. LED Choosing. Perhaps you have started a new design.
  2. Quality is better than quantity. Every producer want to get a market share but they forgot what the first purpose to design it.
  3. Consider your audience. enough of marketing research is really important before you make a new product .
  4. Build a mold to test the product.
  5. Connect and send sample to Fans.
  6. Make easy to use.


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