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Will Geometric Energy Corporation and SpaceX Use Artificial Intelligence in the Doge-1 Mission to the Moon?

Houston, TX – In a historic first, Geometric Energy Corporation and SpaceX could use artificial intelligence in the upcoming Doge-1 mission to the moon. The mission, set to launch later this year, will bring the beloved cryptocurrency Dogecoin to the lunar surface, marking a new era in commercial space exploration.

Could Artificial intelligence play a crucial role in the mission, enabling the spacecraft to navigate and complete its objectives with precision and efficiency? The use of AI could allow for real-time data analysis and decision-making, ensuring a successful landing and successful completion of the mission’s objectives.

The Doge-1 mission has already garnered significant attention, as it represents the first time that a meme-inspired cryptocurrency will be sent to the moon. With the use of artificial intelligence, the mission would take on a new level of importance and significance, as it highlights the capabilities and potential of this cutting-edge technology.

Nadeem Gabbani, CEO of Exobotics said “We are delighted to announce our partnership with GEC, one of the most exciting companies in tech, by developing a range of solutions for their cutting edge space applications. We are also very proud to have the opportunity to deliver our technology on this mission and represent the UK as an emerging nanosatellite technology provider.”

GEC CEO Samuel Reid said “Geometric Energy is thrilled to be working with Exobotics on this project. This mission is a major milestone for us as a company as well as the DLT space in general, and we are delighted that Exobotics will be supporting us with their invaluable expertise”.

The Doge-1 mission is set to launch later this year and will represent a major milestone in the history of space exploration and commercial spaceflight. Stay tuned for further updates and developments as this exciting mission unfolds.

NEWS PROVIDED BY: Doge Space Fleet. Twitter: @ [DogeSpaceFleet]

About Doge Space Fleet

Doge Space Fleet has the Latest News on Dogecoin and the Doge-1 Moon Launch. The Dogecoin Community Hub is for Doge-1 Launch Enthusiasts, Fans of Dogecoin & Dogechain

About Exobotics

Exobotics is a London, Cambridge and Cornwall based company using the latest advancements in robotics, materials, structures and machine learning to enable flexible, low-cost space applications for Earth-orbits and beyond. Their long term vision is to make the Moon and beyond as accessible and economical as low-Earth orbit by lowering barriers to entry in terms of cost, skill, and time required to explore space.

About Geometric Energy Corporation

Through its subsidy Geometric Space Corporation (GSC), GEC is a launch service provider and offers mission design, integration, payload development, and ground station services to rideshare clients in collaboration with their partners, which include SpaceX for rideshare capabilities, Maverick Space for integration services, Exobotics to deliver platform and payload development services, and XISP for mission design and ground station services.

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Company Name: Doge Space Fleet
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Country: Canada


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