www.Mcarthur-Group.com Releases 2018 Data Detailing How Many Farming Acres Exist In The USA


In a recent secondary research study, www.Mcarthur-Group.com released 2018 farming report (link: http://www.mcarthur-group.com/2018/03/how-many-farming-acres-in-us-answer.html ) which suggests the total number of farming acres in the USA is declining.

While the USA was once seen as a farming titan, producing and exporting cash crops such as cotton, soybeans, corn, etc. this report highlights a possible shift within the United States, though it is premature to make predictions about what this trend indicates, if anything. The decline is only occurring at around a 4% rate, which may be considered negligible at best, and at worse, simply a normal, and expected fluctuation within a country with growing urban centers (which many times may displace urban farm land, or make it too expensive to maintain as an agricultural area).

There may also be less tracking for smaller, boutique homestead organic farms, specializing in other products, such as microgreens, gourmet mushrooms, specialty heirloom fruits and vegetable. As grocery retail experiences rising interests in organic and specialty food products, and small farms play a bigger part, reporting may become better to account for these types of farms.  

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Leon Vogel