XYO Network the first crypto-location oracle network on blockchain


Welcome to the first crypto-location oracle network on blockchain, XYO Network. As competitive as the crypto world is now, there is yet more demanding need to join in the decentralized location-reliant trade markets and the best way to go about that is to consider XYO. XYO Network is driven by a mission to enable smart contracts interact with the real world as if it were an API.

The situation XYO brings to the blockchain table revolves round location data, which is used everyday across the world. There is an increasing reliance of societies and economies on the certainty, as well as security of location heuristics. With this concept, it is believed that self-driving vehicles, package-delivery drones and smart cities have more need for an increased reliance upon a trustless location data. This is confirmed by Gana Goward, the president of RNT Foundation when he talked about the brilliance and limitation of the GPS.

Clearly, the current location technologies do not have the requisite certainty and security properties to propel them to the future. For this reason, an appropriate and effective ecosystem of crypto-location protocols and components were developed by the XYO Network. This will leverage the strengths and capabilities of blockchain technologies and solve the shortcomings. XYO Network comprise four primary components namely Sentinels, Bridges, Archivists and Diviners. Altogether, these components enable geo-focused, consensus-building and trustless verification of location data.

Similarly, as data can be lost, damaged, corrupted or tampered with, XYO Network’s traditional proof of origin is reliant on a private key for signing transactions or contracts in a system. It is very effective when we assume that the node in the network which signs the data is physically and virtually secure.

As a sum, XYO Network is the most ambitious blockchain platform in recent history as it integrates with the leading blockchain platform of today and with the blockchain technology of tomorrow.

XYO pre-token sale started in March and is expected to finish in fifteen (15) days time when the token sales begin. After this time, every unsold XYO token supply are burned. The total projected XYO supply is 24,158,373,674.

1ETH = 99,074.72 XYO

XYO Network use cases include:

– eCommerce

– Medical Care and Hospitals

– Rental Car Agencies

– Commercial Airline Luggage Logistics

– Insurance Agencies

– National Security (TSA) Agencies

– Drone Package Delivery System.

It’s high time you joined the network in making the reality happen!

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