Yohon Trotter Is Atlanta’s New Rising Star

Yohon Trotter Is Atlanta's New Rising Star

Hip hop artist Yohon Trotter is warming up the Atlanta music scene for the summer of 2018 with some big things including his new single “LOUIS.” In under 2 weeks the single has managed to go viral on Worldstar hip hop while gaining over 30,000 plus streams on Spotify. While the track takes on a stereotypical play on designer fashion, Yohon manages to add his own style and delivery allowing him to stand out from the other artists in the same or similar genre. To add fuel to the fire, the songs success on Spotify and worldstarhiphop are just two platforms that it has made its mark on. On the popular streaming platform Soundcloud, the single has managed to get over 200,000 streams from listeners in multiple regions.

Yohon Trotter Is Atlanta's New Rising Star








“The song is a hit! I mean it’s one thing when the artist believes they have a good song but when the general public, the dj’s and the people as a whole let you know it’s a hit then it’s a hit. Yohon Trotter is a star to begin with so a hit song from him is and will be expected.”

Produced by Cash money AP, the success from Yohons latest single may be something to jump for joy about, but the Atlanta native did not have an easy start entering the world of music and entertainment. Yohon Trotter was born in Atlanta GA in the early 80’s to a single parent home with his mother Debra Holden, sister and 3x Olympian Deedee Trotter and brother Ian Jones,  Yohon grew up below middle class. Yohon was a sports stand out in football and basketball but fell short of scholarships due to grades and unruly conduct. He began taking music seriously after being kicked out of an alternative school at Open campus in the 12th grade. 

Receiving his first record deal with Hard Nodd Records, years later Yohon would decide to create his own path by starting his own label. Backed with a strong drive and undeniable ambition, as it stands today Yohon has released numerous projects from albums to mixtapes and comedy skits as he ventures into the world of comedy as well. Yohon Trotter is a recognized name noticed alongside the likes of  Platinum selling producers and artists such as B.O.B and Jazze Pha.

With his latest single “Louis” reaching new heights and his latest mixtape titled “Trap Ambition” hosted by Dj Pretty Boy Tank, stay tuned as Yohon Trotter will indeed have much more to come!

Company Name: Born Leader Ent

Contact Person: Yohon Trotter

Email: ydtrotter@yahoo.com

Phone: 4044936920

City: Atlanta

State: Ga

Country: united stated

Website: http://www.yohontrotter.com