Zen Sports Balm designed to relieve muscle and joint pain


Ideal for backaches, sprains, bruises and more


LAS VEGAS—Zen Sports Balm, one of the latest products from Zen Enterprises, uses Narayani oil, a potent anti-inflammatory, to help relieve pain and swelling from sports-related injuries.


The balm, which is infused with Coconut oil for a smooth application, uses multiple topical analgesics and anti-inflammatories to provide fast relief for sprains, bruises, strains and other injuries, a Zen Enterprises spokesperson said.


“Zen Sports Balm is one of our specially formulated topical products,” the spokesperson said. “It’s designed to re-invigorate, reduce pain and promote a feeling of wellness naturally.”


Like the multiple other topical balms Zen Enterprises offers, Zen Sports Balm is made from a mixture of botanicals, essential oils and other natural ingredients, formulated in such a way as to maximize the benefit of each. Because it is applied directly to the skin, it starts working far more quickly than an oral analgesic does, the spokesperson said.


“Topical application allows Zen Sports Balm to start working quickly, and to work on the affected area directly. It blocks the enzymes that cause inflammation and pain, so it’s able to offer rapid relief.”

Zen Enterprises was founded by the Ross family after a lifetime of outdoor activities and bike accidents left a family member with chronic pain. Prescription drugs causes a multitude of negative side effects, and so the family searched for a way to find effective pain relief without side effects. The line of products was inspired by Ayurveda, one of the oldest medical and healing traditions in the world. All the company’s products are designed to offer fast, convenient relief without a prescription.


More information is available at http://zensportsbalm.com.


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