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#1 Bestselling Book Rising Above Narcissistic Abuse Inspires Women Worldwide to Break Free and Heal from Toxic Relationships

24-year retired Army Combat Veteran and Visionary Author: Ina Johnson Myers sheds a profound light on narcissistic abuse with the help of her courageous 12 coauthors. The #1 Bestselling book, Rising Above Narcissistic Abuse is a powerful collection of stories by survivors who have healed and become whole after experiencing toxic relationships with a partner.  This bestselling book aims to give a voice, hope, and strength to women suffering from narcissistic abuse in silence.

These powerful women share experiences from traumatizing abuse to freedom. Women can expect to be empowered and provided with resources and strategies to navigate the healing journey from trauma to triumph.

CoAuthors: Cynthia Albritten, Shannon Savoy, Patricia Kinard, Jocelyn Swanson, Demetrius Hall, Isa Farrington Nichols, Tiffany Moore, Tisha Bolen, Sharon Jones, Dr. Canzada Twyman, Chyna Nnadede

During a recent IHeart Radio interview on POP Your Crown, Sis! @popyourcrownsis, Visionary Author Ina Johnson Myers, and Co-Authors: Shannon Savoy, Sharon Jones, and Isa Farrington Nichols share profound insight, wisdom, tangible tips, and resources to help Women get out of Narcissistic abusive relationships.

A few of those tips included: getting connected with your Faith through prayer; finding support through trauma advocacy groups, and simply getting out of the abusive relationship.

More On Visionary Author:

Ina Johnson Myers is an International Keynote Speaker, 4x Bestselling Author, Certified Life Coach, and the CEO of When She Rise. This 24-year retired Army Combat Veteran specializes in Narcissistic Abuse awareness, recovery, and victim prevention. She advocates for women to understand the difference between healthy and narcissistic love.

This Veteran suffers from PTSD. She is a survivor of MST and Narcissistic Abuse. Her experiences with toxic relationships throughout her military career and beyond are the reasons why she advocates for women to be cognizant and not ignore the red flags in a relationship. She believes that victims of narcissistic abuse carry devastatingly traumatic psychological wounds internally. She also believes that broken bones from physical abuse affect the victims, but a broken spirit from Narcissistic Abuse has greater generational impact.

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Rising Above Narcissistic Abuse Available on Amazon:

IHeart Radio Interview on POP Your Crown, Sis! Podcast:

Follow Ina Johnson Myers on IG+FB+LinkedIn @WhenSheRise1

Media Contact
Company Name: Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC.
Contact Person: Dr. Nakita Davis, CEO & Founder

Phone: 1.833.333.0733
Country: United States


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