18 Year Old College Student Makes Music Using his Phone


The story has not been heard by many before.  His name is Dasith Gamage and he is a Sri Lankan.  He has been traveling to Italy to visit his mother since he was a child and in 2020 he also went to visit his mother where he had planned to spend more time with his mother.  He had to stay in Italy for a long time because of a very dangerous virus that affected the world.  There he composed songs on his phone to pass the time.  He later released the songs on social media and the music stream platform in 2021.  His first song is Afternoon in the moon.  You can listen through spotify or apple music.  He has also released a few new songs during the day.

His future plan is to become a pilot.  As a first step, he has also completed the basic qualification required to become a pilot in the GCE O / L Examination.  You can now listen to all the songs he has released on his official artist Youtube channel.

Media Contact Information:

Name: Dasith Gamage
Email: dasith gamage@yahoo.com
Phone number:  ‪+ 39 347 265 7665
Website:  https://dasithgamage.business.site

Source: Google , INC