21-Year-Old Dujuan Thomas Becomes The Youngest Candidate To Ever Run For Mayor In Kentucky



At just twenty-one years old Dujuan Thomas has accomplished more than some people do in a lifetime. He is an Honorable Kentucky Colonel, Army veteran, film maker, model, actor, and the most prominent celebrity interviewer in the state of Kentucky. Now Dujuan Thomas has announced his newest venture… campaigning to be the youngest Mayor in Kentucky history!

Dujuan graduated from Paducah Tilghman High School in 2016 and went on to attend the University of Louisville. At the age of seventeen he enlisted in the Army National Guard and is still active today. In 2019, he became an Honorable Colonel of Kentucky which was awarded to him by the Governor and the Secretary of State for his noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service in his community.

While being enlisted in the military he simultaneously began his journey in the entertainment industry. He started connecting with several prominent figures in the film and music industries such as Bobby Brown, Jennifer Lopez, and was even invited to sit next to Bill Murray at a local baseball game. Soon Dujuan was asked to be a celebrity interviewer for a local TV station. He has interviewed the likes of LaVar Ball, WWE Legend Kane, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Kel Mitchell, the cast of NBC’s The Office, and several other notable celebrities.

On May 4th 2020, Dujuan took a big leap into politics, announcing his run for mayor in his hometown of Paducah, Kentucky. He is the youngest candidate ever to run in the election and is garnering major support from the local community. Dujuan promises to bring strong change and economic growth to his community when he is elected. His campaign slogan is “Put Paducah on the Map Again” and he plans to be the change his town wants and needs while restoring faith in God and family values in his city, state, and country.

Dujuan is currently campaigning at local events and venues in Western Kentucky. For more information including, campaign mission, testimonials, and contact information visit https://www.DujuanThomas.com