5763 NFT Artworks by Pleiadestar – Beeple Style


“Digital Art is as much art as any Art form…” – pleiadestar

Pleiadestar has done art since early age, on-off – picking up various styles on her ‘on’ phases, exploring various mediums and expressions. Only in the past several years has she dedicated more time to her arts – especially after she found digital art forms.  From 2017 she dove in with all her spare time into exploring the new possibilities this provided and found ‘new love’.

Pleiadestar preliminarily uses her own original artwork first, to then alter it with layers and morphing each piece into new art pieces, creating a multitude of variants. Digital art may not have been perceived at first as ‘real art’ for many – only to find her inner acceptance that this was as much art as any art. The time and love put into each of them.

 (Pleiadestar’s 5763 piece Collage Artwork)

(Pleiadestar’s 5763 piece Collage Artwork)

There will also be presented a series of her 128-Variations.

November 6th 2021, Pleiadestar, will open for bidding on Opensea at 9:00am PST for interested parties.

A piece that was sold March 11, 2021, is Everydays: The First 5000 Days, a collage of Winkelmann’s work (aka Beeple) from the beginning of the project, when he first started posting crude sketches. The work runs through a series of evolving digital shapes and scenes through the beginning of this year.

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