5Kevents launches FREE self-guided run, walk, hike programs


As events nationwide are canceled because of COVID-19, event planning industry takes a hard hit. Combine that with the closing of fitness related businesses such as gyms, clubs, the YMCA, and the like and you have a health and fitness nightmare. Today’s climate of isolation is causing over eating and sedentary lifestyles like never before. It can feel impossible to stay on top of your fitness…but it doesn’t have to be that way.


5Kevents.org is committed to helping people find an outlet for physical activity. In recent weeks we added the COVID-19.5K, ZERO to 5K and the REMOTE RUNNERS program to keep people active. This week we are launching a national and regional program called “We Run the Parks” designed to get people outdoors and exercising while enjoying local park trails. Let’s face it, for the next few months most of us will be vacationing and spending our summer in our own communities. The “We run the Parks” is a 6 month challenge designed not only to get people off the couch, but to experience the many parks and recreational resources our communities have to offer. We’ve put a twist on things to challenge our residents to run, walk or hike as many different parks as possible.


Participants have the option to track their activity, distances and times via 5Kevents Remote Runners program. While we are all currently urged to self-isolate, running or walking outdoors (especially solo) is still encouraged for your fitness and mental well-being.


This program gives 5Kevents a way to share it’s pride of local trails in the community. We will offer our participants the ability to discover, create, and follow trails with our turn-by-turn voice navigation app. Participants can track essential stats like time, pace, splits, distance and elevation. They can enjoy trails in our city and in other cities all across the nation.


You can learn more about the program, sponsorship and how you can become a charitable partner at:

NATIONALLY: www.nationalchallenge.weruntheparks.com


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