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What is so special about David Yurman jewelry?

Founded in 1980 in the US, David Yurman Jewelry has become an award-winning international company with now 44 shops open worldwide. The Yurman’s jewelry we all know and adore can be described by such words as inventiveness, artistry, but also chic and elegance.

David Yurman necklaces are made of sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, 18K white gold, and 18k rose gold, featuring diamonds and a variety of gemstones. Brave but tasteful, mixed metal design is considered as one of the Yurman jewelry characteristics.

It is really all about self-expression. Very different personalities can find their reflections in David Yurman necklaces. Nonetheless, the variety of styles does not take away any of their timelessness.

Some of the Yurman’s top collections

  • Origami

Inspired by Japanese Artistry, the collection is known for its dynamic, yet subtle design. We especially love it for the interesting impression it gives – as if it was delicately moving with the wind.

  • Meteorite

Something quite extraordinary. The jewelry of Meteorite Collection is made of Gibeon meteorite – one of the oldest known materials. An interesting fact is that exporting Gibeon meteorite has been banned since 2004, thus David Yurman uses only specimens acquired before the ban.

  • The Forged Carbon Waves

This is a men’s collection inspired by Hokusai’s iconic works. We all surely recognize the majestic waves of the ocean by this outstanding Japanese artist. The whole collection is based on forged carbon, which makes it so eye-catching and original.

And of course…

  • Cable Design

This one instantly comes to mind when speaking of DY’s jewels. An impressive collection of bracelets and earrings, needed in every sophisticated person’s jewelry box. Yurman’s iconic cable design has made a real furor and still doesn’t seem to ever drop its originality. For sure, the most popular and #1 DY collection of all times!

Other remarkable products of David Yurman Jewelry

One of a kind, innovative, classic, outstanding – no doubts these words are about DY’s jewelry!

Multiple David Yurman products are recognizable all around the world. Some of them, however, are particularly famous and described as one of the most popular pieces of jewelry ever designed.

David Yurman Cable Classics Bracelets are surely on top of this list. 

Another most desired bracelets are the Renaissance Bracelet, Chatelaine Bracelet, or Cable Buckle Bracelet.

If it comes to rings, people admire the ones of The Noblesse Collection. What makes them unique now, is that the rings are no longer produced since 2016. A real rarity nowadays.

The other ones are Albion Rings, featured by the dual-cable design. Top sellers since 1995, which is quite an achievement. A great option for a luxurious look every day.

DY has also a beautiful collection of watches in its offer. We can choose between quartz watches for women and automatic or chronograph watches for men. All of them are incredibly stylish!

Now, we cannot forget about the most-wanted necklaces here! Some of them are stirring for many of us.

The Oval Link Necklace, coming in a variety of sizes and metals is also one of the must-haves. Of course, there is also a large choice of quintessential men’s chains in different sizes. Other very popular cases are the ones of The Chatelaine Collection or The Crossover Collection.

David Yurman offers jewelry for every occasion, the special ones too. A large choice of engagement rings, Mother’s Day gifts, and Graduation gifts enhance their diverse assortment!

Talking about Styles for Men and Women

High-class elegancy remains on its untouchable top place. People who prefer pure elegant style will adore the classic necklaces from various Yurman’s collections. What about a charming pendant necklace with pavé diamonds for her, or a box chain 18K yellow gold necklace for him?

We don’t have to go much further to see that elegance and class of David Yurman necklaces are quite often combined with strong design. This goes well with the individuals who are looking for something not less elegant but with a subtle or intense touch of conservatism.

For people who love expressing their beliefs, there are also some outstanding necklaces based on selected symbols such as Yin Yang, the meaning of dualism from ancient Chinese philosophy. Some other examples are a bee, which symbolizes personal power, as well as Hamsa, Star of David, or Cross.

That said, David Yurman necklaces can also touch some spiritual zones.

In which group would you consider yourself the most? Emphasize your confidence with a chosen David Yurman necklace that makes your individuality shine.

Why is buying a pre-owned David Yurman necklace such a great option?

In the first place, it is an excellent chance to find items no longer available in the original store, which makes them more desired and unique. Owning precious and hard to get jewelry takes your individuality to a whole new level!

Also noticeable, buying a used David Yurman necklace is an ideal way of saving money. Lower price for the same quality simply speaks for itself.

The value of necklaces made of precious materials, such as sterling silver, gold, or diamonds generally goes up, which makes them worth the investment.

#1 Seller of Used David Yurman Necklaces

Available at Gray and Sons, used David Yurman necklaces are a perfect way to emphasize your character and style. Large choice of finest necklaces for men and women by David Yurman should satisfy anyone appreciating luxurious jewelry. Find your one and only necklace today.

Gray and Sons provide a wide range of luxurious, previously owned jewelry. “Like New for Life” policy and 100% guaranteed authentication for all the necklaces and products they offer, make every purchase very comfortable.

Check out their online store for exclusive pre-owned David Yurman necklaces or visit one of their stationary shops in Florida, California, New York, Texas, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

In Florida, Gray and Sons showroom is located in Surfside. They are the most trustful jewelry company in Miami, Coral Gables, Brickell Ave, Bal Harbour, Bay Harbour, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pinecrest, Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Doral, and Sunny Isles.

With the 10-day return policy (no question asked), all customers get enough time to make sure they are 100% satisfied!

There are different payment methods available for an easy and quick purchase. 

Get in touch!

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