A New App to help children develop their fine motor skills now available on Android – Baby’s 1st App

Baby’s 1st App is a fun learning App for children under the age of five. It is aimed at helping children develop important early childhood skills such as recognizing animals names, numbers, locations, language, and fine motor skills. It is important to start developing these skills with children under five to allow them to increase their ability to learn and interact in an increasingly technology driven world.

A new children’s App has been launched for Android devices from Little Book Selves. Baby’s 1st App was designed to help children with their early childhood development skills such as recognizing animal names, numbers, locations, language, and fine motor skills. The App which is available for download priced at $1.99 is aimed at young children 5 and under.

Research in early childhood development shows that children learn more and develop new skills faster when they are having fun. While more companies are now developing fun educational toys to help with childhood development, it’s sometimes difficult for parents to be able to differentiate between safe apps that their children can use and ones that are built to take advantage of their innocence with schemy monetization practices. Little Book Selves is aiming to help change that with Baby’s 1st App. Baby’s 1st App was built specifically for toddlers so they can learn to interact with the app intuitively and with minimal supervision.

The App has been cleverly designed to mimic a smartphone home screen without going to apps parents might not want their kids to access. While having fun they will learn the name of animals, numbers, locations and simple verbal interactions as well as learning a number of simple touchscreen interactions such as swiping and tapping.

“We’re in the age of the internet and kids need to be introduced to the world inside of the gadgets that they see their parents using. But, as we all know the internet is a scary place so we are trying to provide a safe and healthy virtual environment where young children can learn while having fun,” explained David Bokser, a developer for Little Book Selves.

This app will help introduce young children to technology. They will be able to learn about swiping, touch screen, and clear, which are the basic functions of a mobile phone. It is a colourful app with lots of little features that will keep children entertained.

Unlike other Apps on the market, Baby’s 1st App does not have any in-app purchases, so parents don’t have to worry about their young children accidently adding things onto their credit cards. There are also no annoying adverts. The App has been designed to purely give children fun in a safe, interactive, and educational environment.

Download Baby’s 1st App from the Android App store here – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CGM.BabysFirstPhone

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Early Childhood Development is the stage of a child’s life between birth and 6 years old and is widely considered to be the most important developmental phase in a person’s life. Development at this stage includes physical, social, emotional, language and cognition – the development of which strongly influences many factors including well-being, obesity, mental health, and competence in literacy throughout life.

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Little Book Selves develops edutainment Apps for children. They are a team of artists and game developers creating fun and safe apps for their own kids and yours.

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