A new book that encourages African leaders to design entities in ways that enable sustainable performance and ease of setting priorities among competing strategic options


At a time when the world is facing untold systemic challenges due to myriad of factors as seen and still emerging, in demonstration of her commitment to Africa, Dr. Lucy S. Newman has written a book that is more of a ‘how-to-manual’, which has been adjudged to be 98% original work! Thus, new thinking. The book African Leaders’ Tete a Tete: Navigating Entity Design and Prioritization for Systemic Outcomes‘, is written in storytelling format and presented as a one-on-one discussion between the author and the reader. It unlocks the door to an easy-to-follow, real-life application of two concepts applicable to individual, organizational and jurisdictional contributions to Africa’s transformational journey to abundance and development. It points all in #Africa and in the #AfricanDiaspora, to #Agenda2063, Africa’s 50 years’ transformation blue print [2013 -2063], now approaching the beginning of its second decade of implementation, in 2023.

In the words of some of the special guests of honour at the virtual book launch:

“This book provides a space for discussion on leadership and governance, not for its own sake, but governance that can truly transform the African continent in a manner that ensures sustainable development, and one that is inclusive. This discussion is between people who have actually led organisations and countries, as well as worked on their challenges. Not theoreticians who just want to assess the continent on the basis of preconceived notions of how things should be; which is often in disregard to the objective realities of the African context.” – His Excellency, Ambassador Ombeni Segue (Chairperson, Institute of African Leadership for Sustainable Development, Uongozi, Tanzania)

“This book is full of practical and how-to systematic processes aimed at the development of the African continent, but the real point is that Dr. Lucy understands that it starts with conversations. It starts with us seeing ourselves as a community that is mutually committed to one another, and one that believes in our strengths and resources to create our own vision.” – Dr. Judith Hale (Founder, Hale Associates, a recipient of several professional certifications and honors, with over 25 years of Consulting to Mega Corporates)

The book presents two concepts applicable to individual, organizational and jurisdictional leaders. It targets African leaders in the diaspora, African leaders within Africa, leaders of institutions, organizations, governments in Africa as well as leaders of organizations that are foreign, but operating in Africa or have partnerships with organizations and governments in Africa. It also targets students and faculty of institutions of learning with mandates for developing Africa’s leaders, to achieve the aspired futuristic Africa, while looking at the present and taking into consideration the past.

African Leaders’ Tete a Tete: Navigating Entity Design and Prioritization for Systemic Outcomes, is published in Dallas, by Pyxidia House Publishers.

ISBN: 978-1946530356

Published: October 6th, 2022

It is a 158-page book and available in eBook, paperback and hardcover copies on four digital platforms, all at this link https://www.drlsnewman.com/books

The author, Dr. Lucy S. Newman is a widely travelled International Consultant and Policy Advisor, with about thirty-five years of experience that includes the private, public and social sectors, in executive, non-executive and advisory capacities, as well as served as a jurist on various panels and think-tanks. There is more information on the author’s background at https://www.drlsnewman.com/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy_Surhyel_Newman. She hopes ‘African Leaders’ Tete a Tete: Navigating the dual issues of entity design and prioritization for systemic outcomes’ becomes a source of inspiration for leaders in Africa and in the diaspora, as well as leaders that are friends of Africa, to advocate for or embark on initiatives with positive mega impact on the people, governments and environment in Africa.

If you would like more information about the book African Leaders’ Tete a Tete: Navigating Entity Design and Prioritization for Systemic Outcomes or to schedule an interview with Dr. Lucy S. Newman, kindly contact her via WhatsApp on +2348056050000 or email her at lucy@drlsnewman.com.

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