A new face in the fitness world: coach Maurice Mann inspires the young to get moving

Talented fitness coach Maurice Mann inspires youth through his multi-faceted sports facility Get Better or Get Beat

California, the United States – Apr 21, 2021 – up and coming fitness coach Maurice Mann inspires kids to chase their dreams by showing the positive effects of working out

During Covid-19, staying active has become even more important. That is why the talented fitness coach Maurice Mann has created a unique facility, Get Better or Get Beat, which caters to athletes of all spectrums, enhancing and molding their craft mentally and physically by providing different workout regimes, team training, athletic assessments & online tracking.

The multi-faceted facility runs strictly on volunteers. That is why the organization has thrived on the ideas and actions of many. As Maurice says: “There is an opportunity for everyone to get involved and make a difference.”

With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, Maurice Mann and his company seek to influence the youth by showing the positive effects of working out. Due to the current situation in the world, staying active has become even more important. The percentage of people experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety has surged amid the Covid-19 pandemic, research shows “Get Better or Get Beat” emphasizes the importance of exercise both for

mental and physical health.

“GBGB is not just a workout crew. It is a family. The people I have met, I will stick with them forever, and I am so grateful to have such people by my side. Without them, I definitely would not be where I am at today! They are the reason I love to workout, eat healthily and now pursue nutrition and kinesiology in college,” says 18 years old Zayn – a participant of the program.

Whether you are looking for your athletic assessment, guidance during your training or simply a supporting hand – Get Better or Get Beat is the right place for you. It may not be possible for us to affect the current situation in the world, but it is up to us to decide how we feel about it. Endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and endocannabinoid – these are all brain chemicals that are released during an exercise. More importantly, they are associated with feeling happy, confident, capable and less anxious. So don’t sit on the coach – get moving!

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