A Revolutionary New Sleep Mask Enables Control Over Dreams and Attainment of Lucid Dreams

REM Sleep product
Somni smart mask recognizes REM Sleep and allows wearer to have lucid dreams using audiovisual stimulation

Somni is launching a revolutionary new sleep mask that enables control over dreams and allows the wearer to have lucid dreams, has debuted on Kickstarter. Lucid dreams occur when an individual understands that he or she is dreaming. In these hyper realistic dreams, people can make wishes come true and safely do everything their heart desires. Somni uses audiovisual stimulation to alert mask wearers that they have reached the REM stage of sleep when lucid dreams are possible.

“Lucid dreams are natural, but not many people know them or experience them,” said a spokesperson for Somni. “Some people spend months to achieve a lucid dream. Many methods were developed to help people in achieving lucid dreams. Such methods take a very long time and a lot of special practice, and some people give up too soon if they don’t see any results. This is the problem we are solving with Somni. The mask is designed to make it easy to have lucid dreams.”

Lucid dreams are deeply restorative, with scientific research finding that they are helpful for physical and mental health. When having a lucid dream, a person feels as if they are in a completely real environment, with rich vision, sounds and feelings. A lucid dream makes it possible to experience things, learn, confront fears and having adventures while staying safe.

The Somni mask uses innovative, unique wearable technology to help people achieve consciousness in a dream. It works by detecting the wearer’s dream phase. The most active phase is Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM). At this sleep phase, people see the most vivid and memorable dreams. Only at this stage, a person’s eyes make intensive and random eye movements exploring the world of dreams.

The Somni Mask tracks the REM Sleep using smart motion detectors and gives the wearer a hint with audiovisual signals to enter the lucid dream — without disturbing other phases of dreaming. This way, the wearer will be seeing and hearing the signals from the mask in the dream. The wearer will realize that he or she is sleeping and will be able to enter the lucid dreaming state.

Thanks to this capability, unlimited possibilities will open up for the wearer. People can use it for learning or having fun without experiencing physical activity or sleep disturbances. Learning in a dream, a person remembers it faster when they wake up. “We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and Somni will help you use it to the benefit,” the spokesperson added. “You can upload any training audio in the device, and it will be played in the right sleep phase to learn.”

Somni is now released on Kickstarter page. The price of the mask starts at $ 115.

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