Abiff Productions is a digital marketing and production company created by Donat Ricketts aka Shawn Turner in 2013.


Abiff Productions is a digital marketing and production company created by Donat Ricketts aka Shawn Turner in 2013. We specialize in providing services to independent artists who want to maintain ownership of their intellectual property while selling it to Hollywood’s private sector. We write executive summaries, develop intellectual property, and taking care of all production and post-production needs for content to be distributed by yourself and other(s) on the internet, the television and film mediums.  Our services are premised on stories and characters that are controversial, politically, and socially conscious.

Service #1: Write Your Executive Summary

Actors and Producers (“Talent”) are often more artistic than they are business savvy. Therefore, we will write your executive summary, keeping your true vision in mind whilst figuring out how to carve your own niche in Hollywood’s private sector enterprise. With our market research we will help you define a tailored audience to convince any executive that your intellectual property is valuable using the same exact system, knowledge, statistics and resources that Hollywood experts use for publishing power.

Service #2: Develop Your Intellectual Property (“IP”)

Having trouble defining your expression? No worries, with a polished executive summary we will set forth guidelines for you to pitch your materials while staying true to your meaningful elements. Often, once you have a clear understanding of your IP, you’d know how to protect the expression while legally using hundreds of ideas from your favorite film or television series to build your own enterprise.

Service #3: Pre-production

Once you know the value of your IP you may opt-into a diverse team of writers. Abiff Productions has a list of writers ranging from Harvard graduates to people who will help you conceptualize ideas, themes, and plot points from raw experience. We’d also help you register your materials with the U.S. Copyright Offices and provide you exceptional advice to prevent sharks from stealing your IP. We’re also be able to point you to domestic and international sources that are eager to “license” independently owned content.

Service #4: Production (“Filming”)

We will help you find the perfect locations, Director, Cinematographer, Sound Mixer, Make-Up Artist and so forth. We can help with drafting talent agreements, outsourcing talent, hiring production staff, finding grip trucks, and production equipment in the state of New York, California, Florida and Georgia.


Service #5: Post-Production

Need help with post-production? We got you covered! Often, independent artists use their entire budget during the production stage and have little to no money to finance post-production. This leads to self-doubt, and incompetence. However, we will help you outsource some of the best and most affordable editors, sound mixers, colorist and special effect artists to beautify flaws in your artwork.

Service #6: Social Media Campaign (“Distribution”)

Although we do not provide distribution services, we have a working knowledge of harnessing the power of social media and working with a tight budget to ensure that every penny spent is towards a tailored audience.



For a complete list of current projects, please contact the owner by email: donat.ashford@gmail.com. You may also visit his website at http://www.abiffproductions.com.