Absolute Green Products Now on All Staples US Websites


USA, April 14, 2021 Staples has added Absolute Green Products to their US web platforms. All products on the Staples platforms supplied by Absolute Green are made with 100% natural ingredients.

One of the fastest-growing All Natural and Cruelty-Free Products manufacturer and suppliers in the USA is pleased to announce Staples has agreed to sell their products. Absolute Green, which is a woman-owned business based in New Jersey said this is huge news and is one step closer to helping each home in the USA clean with non-toxic products.

This is huge news for a company that was started with a mission to help people become more environmentally aware of the chemicals being used in their cleaning products and the damage they can cause. Absolute Green has been in Whole Foods and other retailers, and now with Staples selling their products, they are expanding even faster.

Staples has brought Absolute Green Products into their platforms after becoming impressed with the price, quality, and natural ingredients being used. When asked about the new partnership, a spokesman for Staples replied: “We are excited to announce the addition of Absolute Green to our assortment on all of our platforms. We are proud to offer their products to our customers and are excited to see Absolute Green grow with us.”

Absolute Green sells sustainable, Eco-Friendly, safe household cleaning and personal care products that are USDA Bio-Based and Vegan Certified. They include air fresheners, cleaning products, hand sanitizers and wood care, to name a few. All products are made with natural biodegradable ingredients and are safe for children, pets, and adults.

The company wants people to be aware of how much damage some chemicals used in cleaning products can cause. When asked to expand on that, the founder of Absolute Green replied: Some of the toxins in cleaning products can cause problems for pets, children, and adults, as well as the environment. Our goal was to make healthy and effective alternatives to common synthetic household products.”

To see the full range of Absolute Green products, please visit https://absolutegreen.com/

Absolute Green

The company produces and supplies 100% natural products, which include cleaning products and air fresheners to name a few. Their manufacturing practices are 98% closed-loop, with local sourcing and sustainable practices in place with very little waste. The company based in New Jersey is going from strength to strength and has become one of the most respected companies in their field.

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Absolute Green