Affordable Pet Labs Opens New Location, Makes Pet Healthcare More Affordable for Denver Area Residents


The innovative company puts pets and their parents first, delivering critical diagnostic tests at a more accessible price point

Affordable Pet Labs arizona

DENVER, Colorado—A revolutionary new pet healthcare business has opened its doors in Denver. Affordable Pet Labs is an innovative company that offers affordable diagnostic testing for pets. Designed with accessibility of pet care in mind, Affordable Pet Labs provides cost-effective, stress-free bloodwork and other diagnostic tests for pets, offering both savings and peace of mind for pet owners.


Routine laboratory tests often pose a financial burden for pet parents. They may either not get their pets needed diagnostic tests or forego other critical care due to the high costs of veterinary care and laboratory testing. With the opening of their Denver location, the creators of Affordable Pet Labs hope to change that.


Affordable Pet Labs helps to remove financial barriers associated with laboratory costs by offering a levelized cost for diagnostic testing, set at $75. The company works with local veterinarians to collect the necessary blood samples for testing and sends them to verified labs. The service is especially beneficial for pet owners who worry about the stress of transporting their animals to a veterinarian’s office, as Affordable Pet Labs technicians travel to the pet’s home for sample collection.


“With the launch of our Denver location, Affordable Pet Labs is continuing its mission of putting pets and their parents first,” said, Charles, Pet Labs Veterinary Tech “Our goal is to help alleviate some of the burden of veterinarian costs for pet owners. By reducing laboratory testing costs, we hope that pet parents across the Denver area can help their pets lead longer, healthier lives by getting them the veterinarian services they need.”


In addition to offering testing discounts to Denver area pet owners, Affordable Pet Labs also partners with area pet rescues to help alleviate the costs of testing that is required to help place pets into forever homes.


About Affordable Pet Labs


Affordable Pet Labs is a leading provider of affordable diagnostic testing for pets. With current locations in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado and plans to expand nationwide, the company puts pets and parents first by working with local veterinarians and leading laboratories to help pets enjoy longer, healthier lives. To learn more about Affordable Pet Labs, visit