Alexa “Encantadora” Iacovelli – Enchantress Is Her Middle Name


How the Miami-based, female entrepreneur launched the agave-based spirits brand aimed to alter the game in the new decade. 


For most of us, finding our passion, our calling, creating our enterprise, if you will, is a hard find. We spend our lives scouring our minds and souls looking to find our purpose and hoping to, in turn, be able to execute it. Alexa Iacovelli is not most of us. And for her, it wasn’t the soul she scoured, but the world. And when she was done, she knew what she was called to do: flip the agave-based spirits industry on it’s ass. 

You see, Alexa is a woman of the multi-hyphenate variety. There’s not really much she can’t do. (No seriously).  And after deciding medical school wasn’t her true passion and running a major corp as EVP was lacking in fulfillment, she knew she had to go out on her own. Having traveled the world throughout her life, she found herself constantly disappointed in the appalling void of premium tequila and mezcal. Efficient as she is, she set out on a steadfast journey to solve that predicament, STAT. She needed to create the kind of product that stood on the standards that she held so dear: authenticity and innovation. It had to be well made. It needed to tell a story. It has to be enchanting. 


Encantadora was born. 

Of course, as a discerning consumer herself, she knew that there were a lot of offerings out there and that to say that the liquor industry was saturated would be a gross understatement, but that’s why she was going to make something like no one had ever seen tasted. From entirely new distilling processes to a range of offerings that had yet to be seen in other brands, she developed six formulas within a year. The groundbreaking formulations reached the highest levels of quality and of course, taste. She knows what’s good, she’s tried it all, and she won’t settle for less. Not a single offering is rivaled in its category as regardless of similarity in concept, implementation remains unique across the board. 


 And in maintaining with that same level of excellence, she ventured onto design the most beautiful, custom-made hammered glass bottles. Now I don’t know if you know this, but most brands use bottle offerings that run rampant across the industry; ie. stock bottles. Like in fragrance, there are prototypes to choose from that make life a lot easier, when you don’t demand perfection, that is. The tops, in an effort to tie back to the ocean, resemble coral. This is, of course, given the siren logo, the symbol for Encantadora (the Enchantress), a clear nod to the temptation, seduction and rebellion that her products elicit in order to satiate the needs of their avant-garde consumer. Specifically the worldly cross-section of inhabitants of her hometown, the magic city of Miami, where Encantadora will launch and first be lauded in January 2020. A nice way to move into a new decade for citizens of the 305.  Los Angeles, New York City, and Dallas, you get the pleasure, next.

It should be mentioned that another cornerstone of the company involves implementing more health-conscious ways to create these spirits. Some of their products are infused with salts, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which are all  known as electrolytes and contribute to avoiding hangovers and for their many health benefits. Their Blanco Electrolítico, Cristalino Electrolítico, and Ultra Electrolítico tequilas are the first ever spirits to be infused with electrolytes. 


They have the first-to-market cristalino mezcal. Cristalino, you should know, is a clarifying process booming in the tequila category, but which no one every thought to bring to the mezcal category. In the cristalino process,  they remove some of the harsher flavors and components that can be attributed to causing hangovers and bloating, along with the color, through the use of a patent pending four-stage charcoal filtration technology that separates them from the cookie-cutter competition, that’s once again, innovative. 

Sophisticated flavor profiles run the gamut as well. Their Cafe Fino is the only coffee tequila that contains caffeine and no added sugar, calories, or artificial milk products, adding only natural stevia and espresso. They have also created a matcha mezcal with an Espadín base – a sugar free antioxidant blend that Alexa made to be guilt-free. 


In a nutshell, the range of ultra-premium Mexican spirits are produced through the use of some pretty gnarly implementations of physics and chemistry. There are no artificial ingredients–I know that was your next question. 

Their 100% agave mezcals come from San Juan del Rio, located 1,100 meters above sea level. They are milled traditionally by tahona, cooked in underground ovens with wood and volcanic stones, fermented in cypress tubs, and are distilled in copper stills by master Isaías Martinez.  


Their tequilas are produced from 100% Blue Weber Agave in the highlands of Jalisco, giving them a very exotic flavor profile unlike the majority of tequilas which are produced in the lowlands. Basically this Encantadora chick has a pretty dope resume.  


And speaking of a laundry list of notable accomplishments, so does Alexa; who as the founder and CEO of Encantadora is a proud member of Women of the Vine & Spirits, a year-round membership organization that exists to empower and equip women worldwide to advance their careers in the alcohol beverage industry, fostering gender diversity and talent development across the industry at large. This springboard for action acts as the connection between a collective that includes Alexa Iacovelli. In an industry full of dudes, she forms part of the super exclusive group of boss women who are, like I told you in the beginning, flipping the industry on its ass. In a time where female empowerment shines at the forefront of many a subject matter, she has also had her company certified by The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC– the largest and leading certifier of women-owned businesses in the U.S. which of course means, that she owns at least 51% and has the highest-ranking title; in case anything you’ve read above made you think she needed any help.