Alexander Johnson Xander Customz Sneaker Design Store Hits The Big Time

Xander Customz is an online sneaker design store that sells some of the best transformed sneakers on the market. Each one has carefully been designed by Alexander Johnson who celebrities turn to when they want footwear no one else has.

One of the big names in the sneaker design world has seen their business thrive in recent months. Xander Customz, which was started by Alexander Johnson has become one of the big names in the Sneakerhead world.

The company which was set up in a garage has been turned into one of the most exciting brand names of recent years. The brains behind the company has himself become a brand name with media around the world wanting to interview him on his success.

The store which sells sneakers for men and women, provide designs that can’t be seen or purchased elsewhere. That means, by purchasing a pair of specially designed sneakers you will be the center of attention and the footwear will become a talking point.

Each pair are carefully crafted and can be custom made by contacting Alexander Johnson with their requirements. Alexander is no stranger in providing one off design and working closely with sneaker lovers, he has worked with some of the biggest celebrity names on the planet.

If anyone said to Alexander Johnson when he was 24 years old working from his parents garage launching his new business Xander Customz that he would one day become one of the most respected sneaker designers in the world, I don’t think he would have believed it. But today, Alexander Johnson has seen his small business become a worldwide brand.

The sneakerhead also known as a sneaker customizer started his business with just $100, now as well as having one of the best custom designed sneakers stores available, he also designs sneakers for some of the biggest celebrities in the world. He has become so successful, he has customers in all corners of the world including Australia, India, Canada, and the UK.

The sneaker designer who said his sneakers stand out because they are exclusive and unique and turn heads has said he would love to design a pair of sneakers for Prince Harry.

When asked what the design would be, Alexander Johnson replied: “I’d make him a sneaker that’s fit for a prince and has a look of elegance and wealth. It would be a Nike sneaker for sure.”

With Prince Harry now moving to the USA, he could soon be knocking on his door for a new pair of sneakers. Alexander customers include rappers, actors, and reality stars, and now, those who want to have a pair of sneakers from the celebrity sneaker designer can visit his online store. There are lots of specially designed sneakers to choose from.

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