All Parents Should Have A Defence Attorney On Speed Dial For Their Children Says Prince William County criminal lawyer

2.1 million people under the age of 18 are arrested each year in the United States with 1.7 delinquency cases disposed of in juvenile courts. Prince William County criminal lawyer David Deane

A leading Prince William County criminal lawyer is calling on all parents to have a Defense Attorney on speed dial for their children. David Deane, one of Virginia’s top-rated DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney’s said if a teenager does not have their own Defense Attorney, then if they get arrested things can go wrong very quickly.

Each year more than 2.1 million people under the age of eighteen are arrested. Some of those arrests are justified and others are not. Although parents work hard to put their children on the right track, sometimes things can go wrong. Teenagers can and do get in trouble, normally those troubles are small but sometimes they can be big involving police. Bigger trouble can involve police officers. Having a defense attorney on speed dial can and will protect their legal rights

“When a teenager is arrested, and if they do not have the name of a good Defense Attorney in Virginia then things can go wrong very quickly. It is important that all parents make sure their children have the name and the contact number of a legal expert in their phone,” explained David Deane Law.

Some parents believe the USA is a fair country, sadly that is not the case. Teenagers can be arrested when they have not broken the law or did not know they have broken the law or be arrested for protesting peacefully. If they don’t have a Defense Attorney at their side, then they could be found guilty even when innocent.

The Virginia Defense Attorney has put together some tips for teenagers if they are confronted by a police officer:

If approached by a police officer in Virginia it is important to stay calm.

If a police officer takes you to a police station or tries to stop you from leaving an area you are in, ask “Am I free to go?”. By asking this, you are asking does the police officer have the power to keep you there. If he says yes, then leave.

If a police officer in Virginia asks to search your property or your person or space, then you have the right to decline. If a police officer does not have the legal right to undertake a search, then they will ask for your consent.

If you are arrested, then it is important not to resist.

If arrested then stay silent and only provide your name, and date of birth if asked.

If you have been arrested, then it is important to ask for a lawyer straight away and stay silent until they arrive.

Parents must teach their children the basic rules above, and to make sure that they have the Virginia Defense Attorney stored in their mobile phone and they remember the name in case they don’t have access to their phone

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• Drug Charges

• Violent Crimes

• Theft Offenses

• Homicide

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