All Pumps Rolls Out the All-New Graco Husky 3300e


Silverwater, New South Wales, March 12, 2021 – All Pumps, a leading pump specialist in Australia, stays on the cutting edge of providing industry-first fluid handling technologies to businesses in the country. To this end, we are adding the new Graco Husky 3300e series to our portfolio of products.


Introducing Graco’s Newest Electric Diaphragm Pump

The Husky 3300e EODD model joins Graco’s line of high performance electric double diaphragm pumps after Husky 1050e and Husky 2150e. Being an addition to the innovative EODD range, Husky 3300e also adopts Graco’s patented air charged drive, giving it the unique ability to be stalled under pressure without damaging and using costly pulsation dampeners.

Compared with other pumps, Husky 3300e is made with durable materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and polypropylene for superior wear resistance. Furthermore, its sturdy construction allows it to hold up against abrasive fluids, solvents, and acids, hence making it an economical solution for a wide range of industries.

This new Graco electric diaphragm pump boasts flow rates up to 830 LPM (220 GPM), ultra-silent operation at 0 dB noise level, self priming, dry running, sealless technology, and an impressive 80% reduction in power usage. It is powered by an AC motor but option for AC ATEX motor is also available for saw mills, mining, and petrochemical among many other hazardous industries. The system also benefits from using VFD to gain better control of the flow.

With these features and advantages, the new Graco Husky 3300e is proving to be a viable and desirable option for pumping a variety of fluids.


EODD from the World’s Most Trusted Brand

Graco is a highly competitive maker of high-tech pumps for industrial sectors with headquarters in Minnesota. Founded in 1962, this company continues to bring revolutionary pump systems to the world like its EODD range.


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