Amazon Prime May Have The Best Thriller Action Movie Right Now With “Respite”


USA, March 8, 2021 In January Amazon Prime released a new thriller Action Movie that has viewers clinching onto their seats. – “it’s refreshing and engaging”.

The movie has been receiving five star reviews as “Respite” takes viewers through the dark life of an afghanistan teen who comes up missing after being adopted by an American family when his parents were killed.

“I can tell that look. The look on a person when they come from a place of Hell, and the war in Afghanistan made the whole country a place of Hell.” – serviceable dialogue.

The teens’ adopted parents hire Detective Jimmy Baz to investigate the whereabouts of the missing teen.

As Detective Jimmy Baz takes on the case of young Khalid his search turns into a mass murder mystery involving sex trafficking, and government secrets. Detective Jimmy links up with former partners and leverages an enemy to find the missing teen. He soon discovers the trust of his enemy may be more reliable then the trust of his colleagues team.

This eye opening thriller details riveting loopholes within the alien visa transition and the truth behind leaders of this dark world. “Respite” documents twisted rituals that are sworn under secrecy by the U.S Government and its allies.

Detective Jimmy is played by Monte Bezell. Khalid is played by Ahmet Devran Dayanc.

About : Respite Is a feature length look at human sex trafficking and mass murders related to government ties with Afghanistan. The thriller is Produced by
Karina Bezell (executive producer)
Monte Bezell (producer)
Ahmet Dayanc (executive producer)
Julián Juaquín (producer) and
Zair Montes (line producer)
Saro Varjabedian (Director)
Ali Abouomar
Saro Varjabedian (writer)
as they clear the truths on the hidden agendas between international ties. The thriller shows the backstory of the life and culture of immigrant children brought to America and/or living in

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